Registration of a Border Collie - FAQs

Do I need to provide the ISDS pedigree for my dog?

No, you do not need to provide the ISDS pedigree with the application, although if we do not have sufficient details of the dog's ancestry we may request a copy.

Does the dog need to be registered in my ownership with the ISDS?

Yes, the dog would need to be in your ownership with the ISDS before you can register with the Kennel Club.

I live overseas and own a dog registered with the ISDS can I register with you?

If the dog was whelped in the UK then you can apply to register the dog with the Kennel Club via the Form 9 application. You would also need to apply for an Export Pedigree via the Form 13 - Export Pedigree, to register the dog with the overseas Kennel Club.

Does the ISDS registered name need to be the Kennel Club registered name?

Yes, the name registered with the ISDS needs to be included in the dogs Kennel Club name.

Can I use my Kennel Name when naming the dog?

Yes, if you bred the puppy you can add your Kennel Name to the front of the name.  If you are the new owner your Kennel Name would go at the end of the dogs name. 



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