How to care for your dog during the pandemic

Explore our tips about looking after your dog during the pandemic. Read our frequently asked questions for breeders, owners, trainers and event organisers.

Winter dangers to be aware of

Winter is the season for cold icy weather, dark evening strolls, crunching in the snow and ice and brisk frosty walks. Going out in the cold is all about being prepared, not only in what we wear, but also in knowing what dangers could lie ahead and how to avoid them.

Lifetime pet insurance for your dog

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how to login to our new website and how some of the new features work.

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Brexit pet travel update

Following the end of the Brexit transition period on 1 January 2021, rules regarding travelling with your pet will change.


Resumption of events

With the pandemic still upon us, it can be a difficult time for those organising events to know how to run them. Download and read our guidance documents.

Resumption of licensed events

Fun games during winter

With the winter months upon us and us all being home more, we have come up with a range of fun games for you and your dog to play within the safety of your home.

Indoor games during winter

Dog thefts

During the pandemic, there’s not only been a rise in demand for puppies, but also a worrying increase in dog thefts reported by the media. Read our top tips for keeping your dog safe.

Protecting against dog theft

Everything you need to know about getting a dog

Everything you need to know

Getting your first dog is one of the most exciting things you will ever do! We have made a step-by-step guide to help you on your way. 

Find the right breed for you

With 221 pedigree dog breeds, finding one that's perfect for you can be difficult. Explore our Breeds A to Z to discover the ideal breed. 

Find a puppy or a rescue dog

Ready to buy a dog? Why not use our Find a Puppy service, whether you're looking for a pedigree puppy or a rescue dog.