The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services

Brought to you by The Kennel Club in partnership with Weatherbys. Testing your dog for all your breed’s recommended DNA tests can be time consuming, expensive and sometimes confusing. The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services offers a simple and cost-effective way to DNA test your dog for that particular breed's priority DNA tests from just one swab.

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Test your dog with The Kennel Club's DNA Testing Services

DNA tests allow you to better understand your dog’s genetics. These types of tests can tell you if your dog is likely to be affected by specific conditions or whether they may pass on the genes associated with these conditions if they're bred from. The Kennel Club’s DNA Testing Services offers a simple and cost-effective way to DNA test your dog for the priority DNA tests for their breed. By choosing our breed-specific packages, you can check your dog for a number of different genetic mutations all at the same time, making health testing easy and saving you from organising individual tests from several different laboratories.

How does it work?

The Kennel Club DNA testing services makes DNA testing easy and can be done in four simple steps.

  1. Purchase
    Purchase your kit today and we’ll send the sample collection kit straight to your door.
  2. Receive
    Once received, follow our simple instructions to collect a DNA sample from your dog's cheek - it’s completely painless.
  3. Send back
    Send the swabs back to us in the pre-paid envelop provided.
  4. Results
    We will email and post to you your dog’s results as soon as they’re ready, and they’ll also be automatically uploaded to your dog’s health profile.

Select your dog's breed group to purchase your test kit

If you are unsure of which group your dog belongs to you can use our Breed A-Z to look this up.

DNA Profile (SNP - ISAG 2020)

Use our DNA profiling service to get the industry’s gold standard SNP ISAG 2020 genetic profile for your dog.

DNA Profile (SNP - ISAG 2020)

Parentage Verification

Our parentage verification service offers a simple and cost-effective way to accurately determine the parentage of a dog or litter.

Parentage Verfication

The Kennel Club IVDD scheme for Dachshunds

Register for The Kennel Club IVDD scheme for Dachshunds (All varieties) in partnership with Dachshund Health UK.


Further questions?

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