Form 4 - Registration of an imported dog


If your dog is registered with an overseas kennel club but living in the United Kingdom, you can apply to import it. Those who purchase a dog overseas can apply to import it from another kennel club. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a Registration Certificate, including an option for a Three Generation Pedigree. Before importing a dog into the UK, you must check that movement is compliant with all relevant Government requirements in force at that time.

Registration of an Imported Dog including


  • The owner will receive a personalised Kennel Club Registration Certificate and Pedigree
  • A kennel name holder can add their kennel name free of charge at the time of registration
  • An imported dog is able to compete in any events licensed by The Kennel Club for which the dog is eligible
  • The application includes the option to record the dog's microchip information on the Petlog database

Terms and conditions

  1. Applicant and additional owners
    All registered owners of the dog being imported should include their name on this application and all owners will be recorded and printed on any publications and
    documents relating to the dog. The applicant is the person who is applying for the registration either as the sole owner or in partnership with additional owners. The
    address stipulated on this application should be the address where the dog resides and as printed on the Export Pedigree issued by the overseas Kennel Club. As such, any documentation will be sent directly to this address.

    In the case of joint ownership, you, as the applicant of this application will act as the point of contact in regard to matters pertaining to The Kennel Club. However, any
    additional owners will also be able view the dog’s information if they sign up for an online account. Please note, in the case of joint ownership, any other joint owners of the dog must include their title, first name/initials, surname and unique email address in the additional owner.

    The declaration must be signed by the owner(s) applying to import the dog/bitch in order for the application to be accepted.

  2. Dog details
    The registered name of the dog should be included in this section as it appears with the overseas kennel club. The name cannot be changed except by the addition of a
    kennel name, which can be incorporated at the time of registration free of charge. 

    Please note that the ownership of the kennel name must exactly match the ownership of the person(s) importing the dog. It is only permitted to use a valid preposition
    between the dogs name and the added kennel name. You do not have to use a link word but, should you choose to, the following words may assist you: of, at, with, to,
    among, by, from, in, through, via, between, von, vom, del, for, under, over, cum, mit, avec.

    Imported dogs will normally only be accepted for those breeds recognised by The Kennel Club, but applications for importing other established foreign breeds will be

    Date of import to UK
    An imported dog must be registered with the registry for the country of its birth. Please fill out the date that the dog was imported.

    We may also require copies of the pet passport, rabies vaccination and travel documentation prior to completing the application.

    Please note a dog being imported from an EU country, or listed country, must be 15 weeks or older at the date of import to the UK. However, if your dog is imported from an unlisted country the dog must be at least 29 weeks (203 days) or older at the date of import to the UK.

    A minimum age of importation into the UK of 15 weeks will apply only if the export pedigree and all other associated paperwork indicates the dog was born and imported from a listed country. If either the export pedigree, or other associated paperwork indicates the dog was born or is travelling from an unlisted country a minimum age of 203 days will apply. Please note that these are minimum ages, and all relevant Government regulations in relation to the importation of dogs must be complied with, including post-rabies vaccination times.
    We will not register any dog imported to the UK outside the minimum age thresholds applicable.

    Authority to compete (ATC)
    Dogs previously recorded with an authority to compete number, which are now becoming resident in the UK, may be registered onto the Breed Register by completing
    this form. Photocopies of an Export Pedigree (if applicable) or a registration certificate must be enclosed.
    The person importing the dog must be the registered owner with the overseas kennel club and the dog’s address must be updated to the dog’s residing address in the UK.

  3. Breeder(s) name and address
    The breeder is the person who bred the dog/bitch. Please complete all contact details here.

  4. Fee
    The fee for registering an imported dog is a minimum of £30. If you wish to record your dog’s microchip with Petlog, a further £17 will be charged.

    You can find out more about recording your microchip with Petlog by visiting the Petlog website.

  5. How to pay
    Once you have completed this form, please send it together with the appropriate fee and all copies of relevant documentation to the address at the bottom of the page.

  6. Notes
    i. The Kennel Club reserves the right to reject any application to register a kennel name or transfer any dog or to change or cancel or suspend any registration and
    may cancel or suspend any registration or transfer or grant of a kennel name already made.

    ii. The Kennel Club will normally only accept registration for dogs from overseas countries where The Kennel Club has a reciprocal agreement with the overseas kennel club which have full membership, associate membership or contract partnership of the FCl. Applications for the registration of a dog imported from other countries may be considered. The application must be made before the
    dog is imported.

    iii. All imported dogs will have the letters “IMP” and a three letter country code to show its origin added to their Kennel Club registered name.

    iv. For registration purposes, the overseas champion title of the home country will be the only one recorded, along with any recognised Irish Kennel Club titles. Any other
    overseas titles will only be considered, space permitting, where a comparable title exists in the UK and where the overseas country test is considered to be of a similar
    standard to that existing in the UK. Such titles will only be added if the relevant sub-committee makes a recommendation of acceptance.

    v. Prior to exhibition, permission must be sought from The Kennel Club to exhibit any dog, from any country, which has had its tail docked on or after 6 April 2007
    (28 March 2007 for shows in Wales). The term ‘docked’ includes dogs which have their tails shortened for medical reasons after the relevant dates.

    vi. Bitches imported in whelp should be registered with The Kennel Club if the bitch is remaining in the UK. Bitches imported should use this form accompanied by the relevant documentation - Three Generation Export Pedigree and Owner Registration Certificate (if applicable). The litter may then be registered on a Form 1 accompanied by a certified Three Generation Pedigree issued by the country of origin for the sire.

    An application to register a litter will not be accepted when:
    (1) The dam has normally already whelped four litters
    (2) The dam has already reached the age of 8 years at the date of whelping
    (3) The dam was under one year old at the time of mating
    (4) The offspring are the result of any mating between father and daughter, mother and son or brother and sister, save in exceptional circumstances or for
    scientifically proven welfare reasons
    (5) The dam has already had two litters delivered by caesarean section, save for scientifically proven welfare reasons and this only normally provided the application is made prior to the mating.

    vii. If the bitch is returned to the country of origin without leaving quarantine after whelping, then it does not require to be registered with The Kennel Club. The Litter Registration Form should be accompanied by certified Three Generation Pedigrees of both the dam and sire from the country of origin.

    viii. A Kennel Club registered dog, originally exported from the UK, should be reregistered when it returns to the UK. A Re-Importation of a Dog/Bitch form (Form 17)
    should be completed.

    ix. The data and health screening results connected to your dog will be published and used for registration and publication in relevant Kennel Club documentation as well as included in the Health Test Results Finder and Mate Select calculations. The data may also be used for research (statistical purposes) and shared with trusted and reputable partners for the sole purpose of undertaking research to improve dog health and welfare.

    x. The full Kennel Club Rules and Regulations are contained in The Kennel Club Year Book.

    xi. Check breed-specific information on any breeding restrictions at

    xii. The Kennel Club manages Petlog, who will be passed relevant data if you have chosen to record your dog’s microchip as part of this application.

    xiii. To view details on The Kennel Club’s privacy policy please visit

    i. Applications to register imported dogs may be submitted whilst the dog is still in quarantine, although registration itself will not take place until the dog has left

    ii. Dogs entering the country either under the existing Quarantine Regulations of the Traded Dogs Regulations (Balai Directive) or the Pets Passport Scheme, must do so strictly in accordance with DEFRA Regulations. The required documentation should be retained by the person importing the dog, and must be available if requested.

    Any application made which is contrary to these regulations may be reported to DEFRA.


  • Once the application has been approved, documents will be dispatched usually within 28 working days of receipt of the application
  • Any associated products or services will be sent separately
  • Please ensure all information is accurately completed as queries with your application may cause delay

Frequently asked questions

My dog is from Russia/Belarus, Poland, Romania or Ukraine?

Imported dogs of a recognised breed may be registered if imported from countries having a kennel club which has a reciprocal agreement with the Royal Kennel Club or which has full membership of the FCI. Import applications should provide the appropriate and prescribed registration and import documentation from the country of birth for the respective imported dog.

Currently we are not accepting import applications from Russia and Belarus.

Information on Imports from UKRAINE, SERBIA, CHINA and other unlisted countries

We are urging dog breeders and owners to ensure they are aware of the current special measures in place for the commercial imports of dogs from Belarus, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

For further information on this please click on the links below: 

Please be aware that if the dog entered the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme, we require the following documents:

  • Travel documents/Health Certificate showing the date of entry to the UK
  • Signed & dated Declaration of non-commercial move
  • Export Pedigree issued by the country of origin

If the dog entered the UK under the BALAI directive (commercial travel rules), we will require:

  • Health Certificate, showing microchip number, rabies vaccination details & date of departure from country of origin
  • Export pedigree issued by country of origin

For more information on the current commercial import ban, please visit the Government website

All import applications must also be in compliance with The Kennel Club registrations rules and regulations and DEFRA Regulations, if import applications are not in compliance then the application will be refused.

My dog has an Export Pedigree, but the overseas kennel club does not have a relationship with the FCI. Can I still register?

Unfortunately The Kennel Club can only accept import applications from overseas clubs that have full membership, associate membership or contract partnership of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale).

My dog has come from abroad, but was not registered with an overseas kennel club. Can I still apply for an import?

The import application can only be completed if supported by a valid Export Pedigree from an overseas kennel club. As an alternative, the dog can be registered on the Activity Register.

My dog is currently registered with the Irish Kennel Club/Guernsey Kennel Club/Kennel Club of Jersey. Do I need an export pedigree?

If you reside in the UK and are applying to import a dog that is registered with any of the above clubs, then you will not require an Export Pedigree. Your application must be accompanied by a copy of a certified Registration Certificate and Pedigree Certificate which confirms your name and UK address.

Do I need to provide the original pedigree/certificate from the overseas kennel club?

We do not require original documents, but request that only clear copies are provided. If the copies provided are not legible, this may delay your application. 

I live in the UK. Can I apply for an authority to compete (ATC)?

ATC applications are for exhibitors who reside abroad, who wish to show their dogs in the UK. If you reside in the UK, you must register your dog using an import application.

Can I change the name of my imported dog?

An imported dog will be registered using the name as stated on the documentation from the overseas kennel club and cannot be amended, unless by the addition of a kennel name.

Can I add my kennel name?

Providing the ownership of your kennel name matches the ownership as stated on your Export Pedigree, your kennel name can be added free of charge at the time of registration to the end of your dog's name and you may use a link word.

My dog is not registered yet. Can I still enter shows?

If, at the closing date for entries, you have applied for an import application but have not yet received your paperwork, the dog can be entered and the name should be followed by the letters 'NAF' (name applied for).

My dog is a champion. Can the title be recorded?

The Kennel Club will only record a title won at a national show from the country of origin. Please submit a copy of the award certificate with the application.

Do you record more than three generations when importing a dog?

We would normally only record three generations when importing, however, we would record up to five generations of a pedigree, providing the overseas kennel club pedigree contains this information. 

Can I order an enhanced Five Generation Pedigree for my imported dog?

The pedigree supplied following the registration of your imported dog is a Three Generation Pedigree. 

My dog already has an ATC number. Do I still need to apply for an import?

Dogs previously recorded with an authority to compete number, which are now becoming resident in the UK, must be registered by the completion of an import application.

Breed restrictions

The following breeds are subject to certain restrictions when applying for an imported dog registration:

Irish Setters – must be DNA tested clear for CLAD and GPRA (rcd1)

Irish Red & White Setters – must be DNA tested clear for CLAD

Otterhounds - must be DNA tested for Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia

Retriever (Labrador) – must be DNA tested for the dilute coat colour gene variant (d1) as from 01.03.23

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) – must be DNA tested clear for PRA (rcd3)

Applications to register an imported dog of these breeds cannot be accepted until DNA certification is provided. DNA certificates can be uploaded with your import application or can be emailed here.

Further details of these restrictions can be found on the relevant breed’s A-Z page on The Kennel Club website.