Form 4 - Registration of an imported dog

Application for the Registration of an Imported Dog - cover
If your dog is registered with an overseas kennel club but living in the United Kingdom, you can apply to import it. Those who purchase a dog overseas can apply to import it from another kennel club. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a Registration Certificate, including an option for a Three Generation Pedigree.


  • The owner will receive a personalised Kennel Club Registration Certificate and Pedigree
  • A kennel name holder can add their kennel name free of charge at the time of registration
  • An imported dog is able to compete in any events licensed by The Kennel Club for which the dog is eligible
  • The application includes the option to record the dog's microchip information on the Petlog database

Terms and conditions

  • Your dog must be registered with an appropriate overseas kennel club i.e. clubs that have full membership, associate membership or contract partnership of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)
  • The breed must be recognised on The Kennel Club Breed Register
  • The application must be accompanied by a valid Export Pedigree from the overseas kennel club, confirming the new owner's name and UK address
  • The owner and the dog are resident at an address in the United Kingdom
  • Applications for breeds which are subject to DNA control schemes must meet the requirements of the scheme to be eligible for an import registration


  • Once the application has been approved, documents will be dispatched usually within 130 working days of receipt of the application
  • Any associated products or services will be sent separately
  • Please ensure all information is accurately completed as queries with your application may cause delay

Frequently asked questions

My dog has an Export Pedigree, but the overseas kennel club does not have a relationship with the FCI. Can I still register?

Unfortunately The Kennel Club can only accept import applications from overseas clubs that have full membership, associate membership or contract partnership of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale).

My dog has come from abroad, but was not registered with an overseas kennel club. Can I still apply for an import?

The import application can only be completed if supported by a valid Export Pedigree from an overseas kennel club. As an alternative, the dog can be registered on the Activity Register.

My dog is currently registered with the Irish Kennel Club/Guernsey Kennel Club/Kennel Club of Jersey. Do I need an export pedigree?

If you reside in the UK and are applying to import a dog that is registered with any of the above clubs, then you will not require an Export Pedigree. Your application must be accompanied by a copy of a certified Registration Certificate and Pedigree Certificate which confirms your name and UK address.

Do I need to provide the original pedigree/certificate from the overseas kennel club?

We do not require original documents, but request that only clear copies are provided. If the copies provided are not legible, this may delay your application. 

I live in the UK. Can I apply for an authority to compete (ATC)?

ATC applications are for exhibitors who reside abroad, who wish to show their dogs in the UK. If you reside in the UK, you must register your dog using an import application.

Can I change the name of my imported dog?

An imported dog will be registered using the name as stated on the documentation from the overseas kennel club and cannot be amended, unless by the addition of a kennel name.

Can I add my kennel name?

Providing the ownership of your kennel name matches the ownership as stated on your Export Pedigree, your kennel name can be added free of charge at the time of registration to the end of your dog's name and you may use a link word.

My dog is not registered yet. Can I still enter shows?

If, at the closing date for entries, you have applied for an import application but have not yet received your paperwork, the dog can be entered and the name should be followed by the letters 'NAF' (name applied for).

My dog is a champion. Can the title be recorded?

The Kennel Club will only record a title won at a national show from the country of origin. Please submit a copy of the award certificate with the application.

Do you record more than three generations when importing a dog?

We would normally only record three generations when importing, however, we would record up to five generations of a pedigree, providing the overseas kennel club pedigree contains this information. 

Can I order an enhanced Five Generation Pedigree for my imported dog?

The pedigree supplied following the registration of your imported dog is a Three Generation Pedigree. 

My dog already has an ATC number. Do I still need to apply for an import?

Dogs previously recorded with an authority to compete number, which are now becoming resident in the UK, must be registered by the completion of an import application.