First time breeders

You might not think of yourself as a dog breeder, but if you own a female dog (bitch) and you allow her to produce a litter of puppies, then by definition, you are. This role comes with responsibilities to the bitch and her puppies, as well as their new owners.
Group of Labrador puppies sat together

Introduction to breeding

Are you thinking of breeding from your bitch? Here are some questions to ask yourself first and important points to keep in mind.

Start breeding
GSD laying down with lab puppies sat around

When you're ready for your first litter

Ensure you're well prepared to take care of your dog, and to produce happy, healthy puppies.

Your first litter
Puppies laying and drinking milk

During pregnancy

Learn how to tell if your bitch is pregnant. While every dog is an individual, these are the key milestones you can expect.

During pregnancy
Corgi sat in a whelping box

Whelping your very first litter

Learn how to prepare a whelping box, how to know when your bitch is due to whelp and what you can expect throughout.

Whelp a litter
Puppies with identification collars sat drinking milk from mum

Raising and rearing your puppies

While this is a very exciting time, it's also a busy one. Learn how to take care of puppies before they go to new homes.

Raise puppies
Puppy laying down with tongue out

Five weeks of free puppy insurance

Just like choosing the right home for your puppies, it’s just as important that you choose the right insurance for them.

Insure your puppy