Bloodhound working trials

Bloodhound working trials are open to purebred Bloodhounds only. They're an exciting, challenging countryside activity, where Bloodhounds use their natural ability to follow a human scent trail over a 'line' up to 3 miles long.
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Bloodhound working trials test this breed's extraordinary ability to hunt entirely by air-borne scent. Learn how your dog can take part.

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Already competing in Bloodhound working trials?

Already immersed in the world of Bloodhound working trials? Find out about awards you can win and trials you can participate in. 

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Judging Bloodhound working trials

If you're a judge, or perhaps you're a competitor who feels ready to start judging, these resources are for you.

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Bloodhound working trials secretary information

If you're a secretary, this section has everything you need to know about running a show or a club.

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