The Kennel Club campaigns

The Kennel Club runs a host of campaigns each year to try to make a difference for the life of dogs, and to raise awareness of issues around dog health and welfare.

A Voice For Dogs Manifesto

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The manifesto calls upon the incoming Governments to urgently address the key issues facing dogs. The manifesto contains considered and practical solutions to concerns including breeding, dog walking restrictions and pet travel.

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Latest campaigns

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Compulsory scanning
Compulsory scanning would ensure that no healthy or treatable pet can be euthanised by a vet without having its microchip scanned first, and without permission from its registered keeper. 
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Dog thefts
The theft of a pet can be devastating, triggering depression, poor mental health, even marriage breakdown. Criminals should face punishments that reflect the harm of their actions.
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Access for owners and dogs

We monitor and respond to individual public space protection order proposals that seek to restrict dog access to our public spaces.

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Animal testing

We are opposed to the use of dogs in animal experiments primarily for the benefit of humans and have significant concerns about the use of dogs in regulatory toxicity testing.

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Jenny Campbell with her two dogs


New owners need to choose the right puppy from the right breeder, and then ensure they can provide all the care their new puppy needs. Find out what it means to #BePuppywise.

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Ban dog meat trade

Dog meat eating has been traditionally associated to cultural traditions in some Asian countries and falsely linked to myths about health benefits.

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Ban electric shock collars

We are against the use of any negative training methods or devices. This includes electric shock collars (ESCs).

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Mother and puppies

Ban third-party sales

With legislation banning third-party sales in England coming into effect in 2020, we're now turning our attention to Scotland and Wales.

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Brachycephalic breeds

Learn what brachycephalic and BOAS mean and the valuable work that The Kennel Club is doing to help improve the health of these increasingly popular breeds.

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Breeding regulation

The Kennel Club believes that dog breeding activities should be regulated and that more breeders should be brought into the licensing regime. Read our Collaboration is Key report.

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Compulsory microchipping

Keeping your details up to date on microchipping databases is a legal requirement and helps to reunite lost pets with their owners.

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A dog sitting on a bed looking at the camera

Dangerous dogs - deed not breed

Breed-specific legislation ignores the role that anti-social behaviour plays in biting incidents.

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Border Collie sat in car

Dogs die in hot vehicles

You should never leave your dog in a parked car on a warm day. They can become dehydrated, develop heat stroke or even die.

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Dog in field of sheep

Livestock worrying

Livestock worrying under UK law covers attacking or chasing livestock. Find out how you can help to reduce livestock attacks.

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Two great danes stood with owner

Partners and collaborators in health

We work with breed health co-ordinators, working groups and partners in a variety of ways.

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Puppy imports

Importing puppies raises concerns about animal welfare and exploitation, including transporting conditions, puppy farming and smuggling.

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Group of people watching fireworks

Regulations of fireworks

With around 40% of the UK's dogs being scared of fireworks, many owners often need to plan ahead for Bonfire Night and New Year's Eve.

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