Dog agility measures the handler's ability to direct their dog over a course with various obstacles. Find out about agility training clubs, classes and competitions.
Dog performing in agility
New to agility?

Agility tests a dog's fitness, as well as the handler's ability to train and direct their dog. Find out how to participate in this fast and furious activity.

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Dog running out of tunnel
Already competing in agility?

Are you already part of the agility world? This section has everything you need to know about finals, awards and how to join agility team GB.

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Dog jumping over green and white jump
Judging agility

If you're a judge, or perhaps you're a competitor who feels ready to start judging, these resources are for you.

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Dog weaving through polls
Agility show secretary information

If you're a secretary, this section has everything you need to know about running a show or a club. 

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