Issuing awards for Kennel Club events set to begin

The first batch of certificates are now being issued for shows/trials that were held in early 2021, as the process for issuing outstanding awards for all previously held shows and trials begins.

The certificates for shows/trials will be issued in chronological order, beginning with single breed shows and trials that took place between March and June 2021, followed by the first general championship show, Southern Counties Canine Association.

Thereafter, certificates and titles will continue to be issued in show/trial date order, until all delayed certificates and titles have been issued and service resumes as normal.

The process for issuing awards will be as follows:

  • The backlog of shows and activities will be dealt with in date order. If a customer has had multiple awards throughout the year, certificates will be received at different times, depending on the show/ trial date. Titles will only be added to dogs’ names when the relevant show/trial at which the title was achieved has been processed
  • Awards from this year’s shows/trials will not be issued until the backlog has been cleared
  • The Kennel Club will publish an online chart, which exhibitors and competitors can use to track where we are up to in issuing certificates and titles on this page. Updates will also be posted on relevant Kennel Club show and activity Facebook groups, each time a full calendar month of awards for shows/trials have been completed
  • Titles will appear in exhibitors’ online accounts within 24 hours of processing. The physical certificates should arrive with exhibitors no later than 14 days after the date shown on the online chart. Should there be any issues in receiving the certificate, exhibitors can notify us using the form 
  • Exhibitors can continue to enter events and classes where eligibility is dependent upon awards and/or titles which are pending confirmation, g. moving from Limit to the Open class at dog shows. Also, in the case of Champion Stakes, exhibitors do not need to wait for their dog’s champion status to be confirmed before entering. For any issues which may arise regarding eligibility, please contact us

In order to minimise the potential for delays in receiving certificates, please ensure that:

  • Ownership details on dogs’ records are up to date – you can log into your Kennel Club online account to check this is correct. Please see our FAQs below for more information about checking your dog’s record in your online account
  • Dogs’ names on show service company databases (e.g. Fosse Data Systems, Higham Press) are the same as recorded on Kennel Club records, including spelling, capital letters and spaces (excluding any differences related to titles).  If this is not the case they should revise their online accounts with the show services provider.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary said: “We are pleased to finally announce that award certificates are now being issued and apologise to everyone for the long delay.

“Issuing the backlog of certificates and titles will take quite a few months to achieve as awards are issued in chronological order of show/trial dates. We have extra staff working on processing awards, so that we can get through these as effectively as possible, whilst not impacting our other services.

“The website will include details of which shows/trials have been processed so that everyone is aware of when certificates are likely to be received. As before it is fine to enter events or classes where eligibility is dependent upon awards and/or titles which are pending confirmation, e.g. moving from Limit to the Open class at dog shows. Also, in the case of Champion Stakes, exhibitors do not need to wait for their dog’s champion status to be confirmed before entering.

“If customers do not receive their certificates within 14 days of the processing date for that show or trial, as listed on our website, they can contact us using the dedicated form. We have completed as much testing of the new system as is possible ahead of  issuing certificates, but if exhibitors and competitors do have any issues  please let us know and we will do our utmost to  sort out the problem as soon as possible.”

For further information about the issuing of awards, including FAQs, and to keep track of those awards that have been processed please see below.

Log of shows/trials where awards have been processed

The processing completion date will be added for each calendar month, when all certificates for shows and trials in that month have been processed.

Show/trial date

Date award processing was completed

April 2021

6 May 2022

May 2021

12 May 2022

June 2021

26 May 2022

July 2021

19 July 2022

August 2021

16 August 2022

September 2021

28 October 2022

October 2021

07 December 2022

November 2021

15 December 2022

December 2021

 6 January 2023

January 2022

27 January 2023

February 2022

31 January 2023

March 2022

17 February 2023

April 2022

28 February 2023

May 2022

14 March 2023

June 2022

23 March 2023

July 2022

19 April 2023

August 2022

20 May 2023 

September 2022

12 June 2023

October 2022

26 June 2023

November 2022

29 June 2023

December 2022

 26 July 2023

January 2023

 25 August 2023

February 2023

17 September 2023

March 2023

5 October 2023

April 2023

14 November 2023

May 2023

21 November 2023

June 2023

 29 November 2023

July 2023

 14 December 2023

August 2023

 18 January 2024

September 2023

09 February 2024

October 2023

22 March 2024

November 2023

14 April 2024

December 2023

 17 April 2024

January 2024

 26 April 2024

February 2024


March 2024


April 2024


May 2024


14 days should be allowed from the date of processing, for the arrival of physical certificates. Titles will appear in people’s Kennel Club online accounts within 24 hours of the award being processed.

Frequently asked questions

Checking your details online

How do I create an online Kennel Club account to check my dog’s name and that my contact details held with The Kennel Club are correct? 

If you haven’t already created an account since the new website was launched in September 2020, you will need to create one you can follow our step-by-step guide in our help centre

I have changed email address since setting up my Kennel Club online account and now cannot log in?  

Because your email address is the means by which you log into your online account, if this has changed since you created an online account with us, you will just need to set up a new online account.  You can view our guide in the help centre.  Once you have created a new account, please note that your dogs are not missing from our system but we just need to link them to your new online account. Please log in to your new account, go to the dashboard, and complete the missing information form. They will appear within your account within seven working days. 

How do I update my address in my Kennel Club online account, so that I can ensure that I receive my certificate?   

You can update your address or telephone number within your online Kennel Club online account. If you haven’t already created an account since the new website was launched in September 2020, you will need to create one. Step-by-step guides for creating an account and updating your details can be found in our help centre.

I forgot to update my address and see that my show has already been processed? Will I not receive my certificate?

The certificate will be sent to the address shown on your Kennel Club online account. If we have already processed your award and you have not received your certificate within one month of the processing date shown in our website, you will need to contact us via our online form and we will resolve the issue for you.

I am unable to find my dog in my Kennel Club online account.

This could have happened for a couple of reasons (for example, after you set up a new Kennel Club online account your dogs won’t automatically appear, and you will need to fill in the missing information form under ‘manage my dogs’ or using the missing information form, so that we can link your dogs that are on our system to your new online account. Furthermore, dogs could also be missing if a Change of Kennel club Registered Ownership was never completed, to change dogs from a previous breeder or owner, into your name). Please login to your account to check and either complete our online form if your dogs are in your ownership or our Change of Kennel club Registered Ownership form if the ownership is not correct.

Does my dog’s name need to be inputted with external award processors in exactly the same way as in my Kennel Club online account? 
Dogs must be entered for shows/trials with the same details (dog’s name and ownership) as on the dog’s Kennel Club record (excluding any differences related to titles).

I don’t have a Kennel Club online account so how can I check my dog’s name? Online accounts are free to set up at and you can find our step-by-step guide on the help centre. You can then check your dog’s name, that you have the right dogs in your ownership and that your address is up-to-date.  

Awards corrections and delays

I haven’t received a certificate and one month has passed since the awards for my show were processed, according to your website. What should I do?

We apologise that you haven’t received your certificate yet – please notify us using our online form. This could be for a few reasons, for example the address in your online account is incorrect; ownership of the dog has not been changed into your name; or show’s catalogue had the wrong results written in it. We will look into this and come back to you.

The information on my certificate is incorrect – what should I do?

Should there be any issues with the information you receive on your certificate please let us know using the dedicated form and we will rectify this for you.

My dog has passed away since it won its award – I do not wish to be sent a certificate.

If your dog has passed away since it won its delayed award we ask you to please notify us via our online form so that we can ensure that you do not receive a certificate,