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The Kennel Club Journal

The Kennel Club Journal is our official online publication and its aim is to keep readers abreast of developments within the canine world every month. It includes information on events, judges and all announcements from The Kennel Club, including features on dog breeds and news and events from around the dog world. The publication is free to download below:




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The Kennel Club strategy update November 2022

We have recently held Kennel Club Members roadshows at Stockport, Bexleyheath, Stoneleigh, Taunton, Bridgend and Glasgow, as well as two virtual roadshows. Mark Beazley, Paul Eardley and Tony Allcock OBE shared the new Kennel Club strategic direction, purpose and six strategic aims. For those who were unable to make the events, you can watch a short video explaining the rationale for the new purpose and direction and providing more information on the next stages.

The Kennel Gazette

Copy of the gazette front cover

The Kennel Gazette is a 36-page print magazine and is our flagship publication. The magazine includes interesting features and articles of events from every aspect of the dog world, canine activities and personalities from within the world of dogs.

Regular features include: judges’ choice, from a member of the board, viewpoint, political progress, book corner, famous kennels, and health and rules clarified, which covers all disciplines.

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