Accessibility Policy

Equality & Inclusivity

The Kennel Club endorses the principle of equality of opportunity and seeks to ensure that everyone who wishes to be involved in Kennel Club licensed events and all canine activities is able to do so as far as it is reasonably possible. The Kennel Club supports appropriate measures or initiatives being taken to enable access to licensed canine activities and participation in associated activities whether as a participant, team member, volunteer, judge, steward or other official role (ring managers, scribes and so on). 

The Kennel Club is committed to the development of a culture and environment that

  • values the involvement of all and that everyone can be assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected
  • promotes the principles of equality and fairness through the delivery of inclusive canine activities
  • provides services in a way that is fair to everyone and ensures that no-one is disadvantaged by imposing any unreasonable conditions.

Those managing Kennel Club licensed events are expected to take positive steps as far as reasonably possible to counteract the effects of physical or cultural barriers that restrict the opportunity to participate equally and fully.  This can be supported by;

  1. Promoting equality of opportunity and diversity within the clubs, societies, associations and communities supporting canine activities.
  2. Providing value for money activities to ensure equality of opportunity as far as possible.
  3. Creating an environment which is safe for all ages, where participants are supported and that young talent can be encouraged and nurtured.
  4. Communicating effectively with everyone and monitoring participation and feedback to identify and develop opportunities for continuous improvement.
  5. Developing and fostering awareness in dealing with all participants.
  6. Enabling accessibility to ensure delivery of reasonable adjustments to venues and competitions so far as it is possible to do.

It is our expectation that as far as possible all events organised by or licensed by the Kennel Club are accessible to individuals with disabilities and special needs.

As part of the entry process for an event, it would be pro-active and supportive to ask participants if they need any specialist assistance.  Providing a checklist of assistance required is helpful but the visitor should feel free to ask about their individual needs.  In turn, we do recommend that anyone with accessibility requirements contact an event organiser in advance to provide them with adequate notice of such requirements, to enable the organiser to put in place any reasonable adjustments where possible. 

For larger events such as Crufts information on accessibility, is given and signposted on the relevant home website pages, for example, for Crufts please visit the NEC website for information such as access, parking and wheelchair hire.

In organising events The Kennel Club and registered clubs and societies should consider the
(non-exhaustive) list of measures below for accessibility and where reasonably possible to provide and as may be appropriate to the requirements of the competition.

Disability awareness/training
  • Disability awareness training for judges, stewards or other official role (ring managers, scribes and so on)
Provision of Auxiliary Aids

Visually impaired competitors

  • Induction loops
  • Audio description

Hearing impaired competitors

  • Enable access to sign language interpreters - accommodation for in the event ring
  • Subtitles on screens/big screens

Non-visible impairments

  • Attendance for carer/interpreter/family members to assist the visitor/competitor at an event
Pre-event event information
  • Access to materials such as pre-event publicity, websites, telephones, ticketing
  • Clear information prior to event on disabled access/facilities
    (to inform decisions on attendance)
Venue access and facilities
  • Adequate and conveniently located disabled parking for blue badge holders
  • Appropriate surfaces in the disabled parking area
  • Accessible disabled toilets/changing rooms (adequate and clean)
  • Ensuring wider doors and aisles
  • Ensuring walkways and concourses are wide and barrier-free
  • Adding ramps or lifts for easy access
  • Appropriate signage

(e.g. contrasting colours, Braille, appropriate height)

  • Making counters low level (e.g. information or refreshment stands)
  • Appropriate carpet/flooring around venue and for competition
  • Adding induction loops
  • Reserved seating for disabled spectators (and carer/family)
  • Accessible accommodation
    (if an event is to be held over more than one day)
  • Staff training and a point of contact
    (including how emergency evacuation procedures apply to disabled attendees)
  • Proportionate health and safety measures
    (a balance between protecting against the risk and restricting access to services).
  • Access and space for service dogs
    (comfortable space for service animals to rest during event; accessible toileting and watering facilities nearby)
  • Catering/Food – clearly indicate allergens and gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or other options.
Visitor checklist

Event organisers could adopt the use of a tick box check list (with the aspects listed above) and encourage participants and visitors to complete it for advance information on any needs required.

The Kennel Club Committees will continually review and consider further improvements to improve accessibility wherever is appropriate including where reasonably practicable to consider whether it might be possible to adjust rules for competitions. (e.g. exercise modification form for Rally).

The Kennel Club welcomes comments at any time from participants as to how accessibility may be improved at Kennel Club licensed events.