Form 16 - Removal of a kennel name from a dog's name


To remove a kennel name from the registered name of a dog, the dog needs to be registered in the ownership of the breeder. The owner of the kennel name and the breeder would need to complete this form in order for the kennel name to be removed. This service can be applied for in the case of a dog being returned to the original breeder.


  • The applicant will receive an official personalised Kennel Club Owner Registration Certificate confirming the removal of the kennel name

Terms and conditions

  • The dog must be registered in the name of the original breeder
  • The kennel name can only be removed if the application is completed by the breeder and co-signed by the person(s) who added the kennel name
  • The kennel name cannot be removed after 30 days have elapsed from the date of the first win which qualifies it for entry in the stud book
  • No further name changes are allowed once the application is complete


  • Once the application has been processed, the new registration certificate will be dispatched, usually within 15 working days of receipt of the application
  • Please ensure all information is accurately completed and all required signatures are present, as queries with your application may cause delay