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Golden Retriever at the vets

This information hub serves to provide veterinary professionals with links they might find useful and information that is commonly searched for. From upcoming events and webinars, how you can get involved in research and reporting caesareans, all this information is listed below.

Breed health co-ordinators
Breed health co-ordinators are individuals who volunteer on behalf of breed clubs and councils to enable and improve the health and welfare of their chosen breed. Breed health co-ordinators can be contacted through our Breeds A to Z under the ‘more about health’ section.
Breed specific pre-breeding health test
Select the relevant breed on our Breeds A to Z and scroll down to ‘more about health’ for information on the recommended health tests/schemes.
Breed health and conservation plans
From the data collated in these breed-specific evidence bases, the top health and welfare priorities are established, and an achievable action plan developed, consisting of actions for both the breed and The Kennel Club. Find out more about our breed health and conservation plans.
DNA health tests
Find out more about DNA health testing for dogs or view our DNA testing shop page.
Free health webinars
You can watch all webinars that have already taken place via our YouTube channel. Information on upcoming webinars can be found in the events calendar below.
Get involved with research
Get involved with research - if you’d like us to help promote your research, please complete this form.
Health tools and screening schemes
Health tools and screening schemes – view the ‘information for vets’ section at the bottom of an individual scheme page to find out how to get involved, or email the Health team to express your interest.
Report a caesarean section
The Kennel Club awareness campaigns
View some of the awareness campaigns that have been run by The Kennel Club.
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust
Find out more about The Kennel Club Charitable Trust by visiting the website.
Upcoming health testing clinics
Click here to find a dog health testing clinic.
If you’d like us to help promote an upcoming health testing clinic, please complete this form.

Events calendar

DATE Event Contact
11 October 2024 RFG Scheme - new assessor training day (CPD course) Registration link: Registration - RFG Scheme Assessor Training Day, 11th October , to be added to the waiting list, please email the Health team

For further information on any of the above or additional queries, please contact our Health team.