When buying a dog

Learn more about the process of buying a dog; including questions to ask your breeder, equipment to purchase before your puppy comes home, ensuring you have all the right paperwork and the importance of pet insurance.
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Questions for the breeder

Before you visit a breeder, we recommend giving them a call first to ask them some preliminary questions.

Breeder questions
Weimaraner puppy in mothers arms

Research before buying a dog

It’s important to look into the health of your pup's parents, to be aware of any potential health issues.

Do your research
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Visiting the breeder

Learn more about what you can expect from your visit, what to ask the breeder and what warning signs you should look out for.

Visit the breeder
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What should the breeder give me?

When you purchase your puppy, your breeder should provide you with certain important paperwork.

Breeder paperwork
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Why do I need pet insurance?

The Kennel Club Pet Insurance helps owners plan for expensive, unexpected vet’s fees.

Insure your pet
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Essential puppy equipment

Before you're ready to bring your new puppy home, you'll need to ensure you have everything you need.

Puppy equipment
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Changing your dog's registered ownership

Learn more about how to change The Kennel Club's registered ownership of your new dog, and why it is important that the correct information is recorded on our database.

Change of ownership
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Overseas registration

If your dog is registered with an overseas kennel club but living in the United Kingdom, you can apply to import it, whereas owners of UK-registered dogs moving overseas can apply for an export.

Overseas registration