What we do for dog health

As part of our commitment to improving canine health, we have a variety of initiatives which help improve the lives of thousands of dogs. In addition, we continue to develop new programmes and educational resources, designed to help improve general dog health for future generations.
Women and child looking at puppy

Resources and health schemes

Our initiatives, resources and health schemes help breeders breed happy, healthy puppies.

Resources & schemes
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Collaborative work

We work with vets, researchers, plus other veterinary and animal welfare organisations to make a difference to dog health.

Collaborative work
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Health and welfare at dog shows

Discover how we are working to improve the way that the health of show dogs is monitored and maintained.

Welfare at shows
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Supporting scientific research

We assist and collaborate with scientific researchers to improve dog health.

Support research
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Flat-faced dogs

Improving the health of brachycephalic dogs is currently one of our top priorities.

Brachycephalic dog health