A Voice for Dogs Manifesto

The manifesto calls upon the incoming Government to urgently address the key issues facing dogs. The manifesto contains considered and practical solutions to concerns including breeding, dog walking restrictions, and pet travel.


Key manifesto asks of our ‘A Voice for Dogs’ Manifesto are:

  • Breeding – Simplify the 2018 dog breeding regulations by removing the business test and ensure that the licensing system is more proportionate for low volume breeders. Fully embed the Assured Breeder Scheme into the 2018 Regulations.
  • Microchipping – Review and raise standards of database operators and implanter training providers to ensure a better service for pet owners.
  • Dog walking – To require local authorities to ensure that there is provision of accessible and practical space for dog owners to walk their dogs off lead.
  • Shock collars – Ban the use of remote control electric shock collars which are unethical, ineffective, and cruel.
  • Cruelty to Dogs - Extend maximum prison sentences for animal cruelty to five years
  • Livestock Worrying – Develop a campaign to reduce the impact of unaccompanied dogs in livestock attacks.
  • Dangerous Dogs – Repeal breed specific legislation in favour of evidence-based dog control legislation.
  • Fireworks – Introduce measures to prevent the ongoing distress fireworks are causing to our dogs, including reducing the decibel limit of fireworks.
  • Pet Travel – Amend both non-commercial and commercial pet travel rules to better protect both the canine and human population
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