Why does my puppy?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Why does my puppy do that?" From biting and chewing to zooming around the room, these actions are often a natural part of puppyhood. Biting may be a sign of teething or playfulness, while chewing helps soothe their gums. Zooming around? It's likely your puppy's way of burning off excess energy. Understanding these behaviours can help you navigate the delightful and sometimes puzzling world of puppy antics, ensuring a happy and healthy start for them.
Why does my puppy pee so much infographic
Why does my puppy pee so much?

When we first bring them home and we begin the journey of toilet training, it can sometimes feel like a full-time job to keep up with their frequent “little accidents”.

Why does my puppy sleep so much infographic
Why does my puppy sleep so much?

It’s easy to watch enviously as puppies nap. If only we could all sleep the day away! But have you ever wondered why puppies sleep so much? And have you ever been worried that your dog is perhaps sleeping too much?

Infographic about puppy diarrhoea
Why does my puppy have diarrhoea?

Puppies can get an upset tummy for many reasons, which makes it difficult to know when to look after them. Find out everything you need to know about puppy diarrhoea and how to care for your dog when they’re unwell.

Why does my puppy cry infographic
Why does my new puppy cry?

There are few noises as heart breaking as the sound of your new puppy crying. There are several different reasons why your new puppy is crying. Find out more here.

Why does my puppy breathe so fast infographic
Why does my puppy breathe so fast?

One common observation that may cause worry is rapid breathing. Understanding the reasons behind a puppy's fast breathing is crucial for ensuring their well-being and addressing any potential health concerns.

Why does my puppy have hiccups infographic
Why does my puppy have hiccups?

While some puppies may experience them infrequently, others might seem to have them consistently. Why do puppies get hiccups, can you stop them and when should you be worried about them?


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