Getting ready for the festive season

Dogs should be able to enjoy Christmas just as much as their owners do, so we’ve created a range of resources to help you have a fun, safe and stress-free Christmas with your dog. From homemade Christmassy dog treats, to advice on avoiding Christmas dangers – you name it, we’ve got it!

Let the countdown begin

This year will have been a struggle for many. With the cost-of-living crisis in the shadows, we at The Kennel Club want to give 12 lucky people the chance to win something special this Christmas that they can either keep for themselves or share with friends or family.

Our 12 day
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Christmas chocolate dangers

At Christmas, dogs are four times more likely to be taken to the vets with chocolate poisoning than at any other time of the year.

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Festive recipes for homemade dog treats

If you’re thinking of treating your dog this Christmas, then why not use one of our recipes for festive homemade biscuits and tasty seasonal bakes.

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Making Christmas less stressful for your dog

For many dogs, Christmas can be a stressful time that’s full of change, unfamiliar people, strange smells and decorations.

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Festive food hazards to avoid

Some human foods can be dangerous to dogs. At Christmas there are lots of festive foods that could make them unwell or be dangerous to them.

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Fun Christmas games for your dog

At Christmas, we don’t want our dogs missing out on festive family fun, so why not try some of these great games to play with your dog?

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Christmas plants poisonous to dogs

Over the Christmas period we often decorate our homes with festive greenery, but some of these seasonal plants can make your dog ill.

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Warning about toys and decorations

Christmas decorations, small toys, packaging and wrapping paper may seem like interesting things to play with, but they can be harmful to dogs.

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Coping with New Year's Eve fireworks

Almost half of owners say that their dogs are scared of fireworks, making New Year’s Eve a very traumatic time for many dogs.

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Seasonal winter dangers to dogs

Going out in the cold is all about being prepared, not only in what you wear, but also in knowing what dangers could lie ahead.

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Christmas gifts

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