The Kennel Club partners and collaborators in dog health

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We work with a number of dog health partners and collaborators, including breed health co-ordinators, working groups and partners to help support involvement into canine research and to offer resources to help breeders and owners alike.

An overview of some of The Kennel Club's health initiatives

The Kennel Club Genetics Centre (KCGC) at the University of Cambridge

The Kennel Club Genetics Centre (KCGC) at the University of Cambridge carries out research to improve our understanding of inherited diseases in dogs. The centre aims to create DNA tests that can help to improve the health and welfare of dogs for generations to come.

The genetics centre has developed over 20 DNA test to help 50 different breeds to avoid producing dogs affected by these conditions. To date, the genetics centre has tested thousands of dogs, which has helped breeders throughout the country to avoid breeding dogs with numerous debilitating or blinding inherited conditions.

The centres current research investigates diseases that are painful, blinding, require surgical or medical intervention, or otherwise reduce the quality or length of life of affected dogs.

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BVA/KC health schemes

Health schemes for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eyes, and chiari malformation/syringomyelia have been developed by canine and veterinary specialists to reduce the risk of inherited diseases that impact dog health and welfare. Thousands of dogs are screened each year. Read more about our health collaborations.

Our health tools

The Kennel Club offers online tools help to reduce complex inherited diseases, by advising and supporting breeders and owners to improve dog health. These tools are our Inbreeding Coefficient, which determines the suitability of two potential mates, and our Health Test Results Finder, which displays results from DNA and health screening tests for any dog on our Breed Register.

Breeds A to Z

Our Breeds A to Z is a directory of all pedigree breeds recognised by The Kennel Club. Developed by canine researchers, veterinary experts and breed specialists, it has the key information that you need to help you select and breed happy, healthy puppies.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust invests money into health and welfare grants, which fund scientific work and help welfare and assistance dog charities. More than £11 million has been given by our charitable trust since it began in 1987.

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