Walking on MOD land

From the Scottish Highlands to the Salisbury Plains, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) owns and uses hundreds of thousands of miles of land across the country to train our military. Whilst some of this land is publicly accessible and offers picturesque scenery, it can go from tranquil to treacherous by the hour, 24 hours a day, which is why the MOD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) launched their #RespectTheRange campaign.

The DIO’s #RespectTheRange campaign seeks to raise awareness amongst the public about the dangers of MOD land and to educate dog owners and other groups about how they can safely access land where our armed forces are practicing live-fire training.

Steps to follow

When accessing MOD land, it is vital that you always follow these steps:

Keep your dog under effective control;
  • Keep them on a lead, or
  • Keep them in sight at all times and be confident they will return to you promptly on command
  • Ensure they do not stray off the path or from the area where you have a right of access

Respect the Range

Alongside other national organisations, The Kennel Club was approached by the DIO to promote the #RespectTheRange campaign and help spread the message to dog owners across the country. Watch the DIO’s video below for more information:

Remember: always Respect the Range and follow the above steps in order to keep both yourself and your dog safe from danger.