Paw-by-paw: The Kennel Club's post-lockdown guide

With lockdown restrictions easing and rules on meeting other households and travelling beyond your local area relaxed, we anticipate that more people than ever will be heading out and about with their dogs. To help owners to navigate this and the ‘new normal’, we have brought together the key information to help you to enjoy the outdoors and spring weather with your four-legged friend, whether it’s in the countryside, along the beach, or in public parks.

Walking in the countryside

You might not have been able to explore much of the great outdoors with your four-legged friend yet due to pandemic restrictions. To make sure that everyone enjoys the countryside and our new-found freedoms safely, it’s crucial that owners play their part in protecting and preserving the natural environment, and understand their responsibilities whilst out on ‘walkies’.

Dangers when walking your dog

Wherever you walk your dog, there’s always the possibility they could be exposed to dangers such as sharp grass seeds, parasites, poisonous plants or toadstools. Our guidance helps you know what to look out for.

Walking seasonal dangers
Dog running in the sea

Seasonal restrictions

An increasing number of local authorities have introduced dog control measures in public spaces. During spring and summer, a number of seasonal controls restricting where you can access with your dog may be in effect in your area.

Seasonal restrictions

Walking on MoD land

The Ministry of Defence’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation launched their #RespectTheRange campaign to educate dog owners and other groups on how to safely access land where our armed forces are practicing live-fire training. Find out more below

Safe access

Cattle safety whilst out walking

Dog walkers visiting the countryside should be aware of cattle and their associated dangers. Find out more about how to keep your dog and cattle safe.

Cattle Safety
Dog in field of sheep

Livestock worrying

Livestock worrying occurs when dogs attack or chase livestock in a way that may cause injury or suffering and is against the law. Find out more about how to keep livestock and your dog safe.

Livestock worrying

Protecting wildlife

With a growing population and decreasing number of publicly accessible green spaces, it’s important that we all play our part to protect the natural environment. Find out more about how you and your dog can below.

Dog walking and wildlife

Day trips and overnight stays

As the government’s roadmap unfolds, owners may be thinking about how to navigate dog-friendly places, like pubs and cafes, and make future plans with their four-legged friend. To make sure your dog is comfortable and happy, and you both enjoy the experience, we encourage owners to carefully consider and plan their dog-friendly daytrip or holidays using our advice below.

Day trips

When restrictions allow, you may be considering taking your dog with you to cafes and pubs. Make sure you plan ahead so that you know what to expect when visiting dog-friendly places.

Dog friendly stops
Boy walking with a dog in near a cottage

Going away

When choosing a destination, it’s important that you do your research first and find a somewhere that allows you to take your dog with your and is close to pet-friendly beaches and pubs.

Going away with your dog


Whether you go by car or public transport, we have helpful information and advice to ensure that as lockdown eases you are fully prepared to travel safely with your four-legged friend.

Travelling with your dog

Useful resources

Now you’re ready to explore the great outdoors and navigate trips away from home with your four-legged friend. Please check the Covid-19 restrictions in your area, or any area you plan to visit, using our coronavirus information hub. Make sure you’re always being a responsible owner whilst you’re out and about – from preparing your dog for new experiences after a year of lockdowns, to picking up their poo.

Coronavirus hub updates

Before travelling away from home or meeting others, please check our Covid-19 hub and ensure you are following the restrictions in place for your local area.

Coronavirus hub
Dog sat smiling at camera

Walking and socialisation tips

It’s important that you always act responsibly when out with your dog. From walking to socialisation, we have useful tips and guidance for you.

Dog walking tips
Dog standing next to lifeguard on beach

Water safety for dogs

As the weather warms up, you may be thinking of going to the beach or taking your dog on a walk near a lake. It’s important that you are aware of water safety for both you and your dog.

Walking seasonal dangers

Overseas travel

Following both Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, there are important considerations for dog owners and those involved in canine activities overseas to think about before heading to Europe and beyond with their dog. Alongside the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, we have pulled together a list of things you will need to remember to ensure your trips are as stress-free as possible and in line with any new requirements.