Looking after your dog during the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is impacting dog owners across the country and we are here for you during these difficult times. If you are a dog owner in need of help, then please find some useful resources below.
Top tips for saving the pennies

Caring for your dog can be a struggle when everything else around you is increasing in costs. Check out our top tips to see how you can save money on everyday items for your dog to make sure they still get what they need.


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Low cost and affordable treats

Every dog loves a treat now and again. We have created some low cost and affordable treats for you to make at home. Not only will your dog enjoy eating them but they are great way to do something fun with all the family at the weekend.

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How dogs can help your mental health

In a Kennel Club survey, 58% of respondents who suffer with a mental health problem stated that the love and loyalty of their pet was the most beneficial aspect for their mental health.

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Unable to care for your dog?

There could be many reasons why you might feel you are no longer able to look after your dog. Before you pick up the phone, why not read some of our top tips.

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Speak to a breed specialist

Our breed rescue service offers you the chance to speak to breed experts who may be able to offer advice and support during these times. Reach out to a breed specialist today.

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