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Kennel Name Approval

The Kennel Name team conduct stringent checks to ensure your requested word is not too popular, too similar phonetically or too close to an existing Kennel Name, a procedure that the team now aims to complete within 14  days.

When these checks are complete your Kennel Name is granted and the word is then published in the next edition of the Kennel Club Journal for final approval.

Annual Kennel Name Maintenance

The maintenance of the Kennel Name (£20) will be due for payment annually on the date the Kennel Name was granted.  The onus lies with the Kennel Name holder to ensure payment is taken.

To make payments online please click on Annual Kennel Name Maintenance in the 'Tools and Services' menu on the right.

If you would like to set up a Direct Debit for future annual maintenance payments, this method will also give you a saving of £2 off the normal annual maintenance fee (£18 by Direct Debit) please download the Direct Debit form here and return it so we can set up the payment request.

Change of name of a registered dog: addition of a Kennel Name

Once your Kennel Name has been approved and granted, you can apply to add your Kennel Name to an existing dog's name in your registered ownership, providing a name change has not already taken place, or the dog is not published in the Stud Book.

To add your Kennel Name, the dog needs to be in the same registered ownership as the Kennel Name.

To attach your Kennel Name to the name of any dog(s), please click here.

Varying the ownership of a Kennel Name

If you wish to add a new interest in your Kennel Name, a Form 11 - Variation of a Kennel Name should be completed.

Kennel Name Bequest Service

For sole Kennel Name holders. If you hold a Kennel Name in your sole ownership and have worked hard to develop your line over the years, you will not want to let your Kennel Name be consigned to history when you pass away. Do you have a family member or a friend who may like to be associated with it and continue the line you have developed?

This service is free of charge. The Kennel Name Bequest form can be downloaded here.

Kennel Name Certificates

An attractive certificate is available for you to display, an original will be issued to you once the Kennel Name has been granted.

If you require any additional copies of this certificate you can order these by calling us on 01296 318540.

Kennel Name Cancellation

If for any reason you decide you no longer wish to maintain your Kennel Name the request to relinquish must be made in writing (to the address below).

If the Kennel Name is held in sole ownership we will accept the request by email to

If the Kennel Name is held in partnership we will require a signed letter by both parties to be posted to:

Kennel Name Team
The Kennel Club
Kennel Club House
Gatehouse Way
Bucks, HP19 8DB


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