'Other' colour

What does ‘other’ colour mean?

'Other' colours are different from breed standard colours and non-breed standard colours, both of which are lists of colours that have been agreed upon in consultation with the breed clubs. When you register your dog with The Kennel Club you must specify the colour of your dog. If your dog’s colour is not on the lists of breed standard or non-breed-standard colours, then you can apply to register it under ‘other’ colour. This is not a common process and will need the support of a breed club or breed council to do this.

What is a breed standard colour?

Breed standard colours are acceptable within the breed and is confirmed with the breed standard.

What are non-breed standard colours?

Non-breed-standard colour means that the colour is possible within the breed, however it does not meet the criteria as confirmed within the breed standard.

How can I check what’s on my breeds list of known colours?

You can check the lists of breed standard and non-breed standard colours on our Breeds A-Z. Once you have found your breed you can find the list of known colours in the colours section. 

What should I do if I can’t find my dog’s colour on the lists of known colours?

Many breeders provide alternative names for colours that already exist and therefore many colours can be mis-described. It is likely that your puppy’s colour will already be recorded and we would encourage you to revisit the list of colours found on our Breeds A-Z.

If you believe your puppy’s colour is not shown and is substantially different from those listed, you should contact a Kennel Club registered breed club to ask them for help in identifying what colour your puppy should be recorded as. If the breed clubs are not willing to voice an opinion on the colour of your puppy then we would suggest that you seek the opinion of another experienced breeder who will hopefully be able to advise you of the correct colour terminology for the registration of your puppy.

If you are still unable to find your dog’s colour you can apply to register your dog and specify that it is an ‘other’ colour.

Registering your dog as is an ‘other’ colour?

If you think the colour of your puppy is definitely an ‘other’ colour and that their colour is not listed on the lists of breed-standard and non-breed standard colours, then you will need to:
Your registration for this puppy can not proceed until we have received a confirmation and support of your application from a breed club or breed council.