Breed Records Supplement (single copy)


The Breed Records Supplement is a quarterly publication, either available as a single copy or yearly subscription, in which all litter registrations, changes of ownership, imports, exports, awards, health tests and registration statistics are listed by breed and sold by group. All applications entered on The Kennel Club's database within each quarter make up each edition.


What's included

Terms and conditions

  • The bracketed characters following a dog's registered name indicate in which issue the relevant details are published. When purchasing this publication at the time of an application, it will be dispatched at a later date and not with your registration document
  • The figures against the names of sires and dams and certain other dogs indicate the issue of the supplement in which the registrations of those dogs were published, e.g. AP2 denotes the summer, 2012 issue or AL1 denotes the spring, 2010 issue
  • The abbreviation (KCAB) which appears behind a breeder’s name indicates that the litter has been bred by a member of The Kennel Club Assured Breeders
  • The abbreviations C-EL and C-EM appearing after the date of birth of a litter indicate whether the litter was whelped by elective caesarean or by emergency caesarean
  • Where asterisks are shown after the registered name, this identifies a dog of either impure or unverified origins


  • Please allow 10 days for delivery
  • Postage applies
  • The copy delivered will be the current quarter published