Enhanced Five Generation Pedigree


This A3-sized certificate is printed on high-quality paper and includes colour printing with champions printed in red text. The information provided includes Kennel Club registration number, breed, colour, sex, date of birth, breeder, owner and information on five generations of your pedigree dog's ancestry.


  • Discover your dog's ancestry
  • Champions will be denoted in red text
  • Colour printing on high-quality paper

Terms and conditions

  • Can be ordered by anybody, not limited to the owner
  • Can be sent to any requested address
  • Cannot be used in place of an Export Pedigree
  • Please note that you cannot purchase a certificate for a dog born before 1983, any purchases will be refunded


  • Delivery is expected within 28 working days of receipt of the order
  • Postage and packaging is included in fee

Frequently asked questions

My dog is not registered with The Kennel Club. Can I order a pedigree?

You can only order a Pedigree Certificate for a dog who is registered on the Kennel Club Breed Register.

I don’t know my dog's registration name/number. Can I order a certificate?

To ensure we are sending the document for the correct dog, the registration name and number must be quoted on the certificate order.

Can I order a pedigree if I am not the registered owner?

An Enhanced Five Generation Pedigree Certificate can be ordered by anybody. You do not need to be the registered owner of a dog.

I need the certificate to be posted to an alternative address. Can I request this?

We can send an Enhanced Five Generation Pedigree to an address of the applicant's choosing.

I need to re-register my dog with an overseas kennel club. Can I use this certificate?

For most import applications with an overseas kennel club, a certified Export Pedigree is required. However, Irish Kennel Club, Guernsey Kennel Club or Kennel Club of Jersey may only require a certified Three Generation Pedigree.

Why are there Champion titles missing from my dog's ancestry?

We now only record Champion titles gained at a national show from the dog's country of origin. We require certified copies of the appropriate Champion Certificates, in order for the titles to be added.

How is the certificate delivered?

Your certificate will be delivered in an A3-sized envelope, clearly marked “do not bend”.

Can my pedigree be emailed to me?

The certificate will be delivered by post. Unfortunately we do not offer an email service.

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