Change of Kennel Club Registered Ownership

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Upon completion of your Transfer of Ownership you may be eligible for a free 4 week period of pet insurance with our compliments to help safeguard the next few important weeks. Please complete this process to find out if you are eligible.

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Particular attention should be paid to the following notes

  • This application must be made by you, the owner(s) and not a third party – failure to do so may result in cancellation of the application or registration.
  • Kennel Club registration does not equate to legal ownership. This application is to confirm the change in Kennel Club registered ownership. It is not intended to represent any form of contractual arrangement or document of sale between the previous owner and yourself as the new owner.
  • It is important for all transfers of registration, that you hold and retain the previous registration certificate signed by the Kennel Club registered owner, including any other previous Kennel Club registered owners, to confirm the consent to the change of Kennel Club registration. Failure to produce evidence of such consent if so required may result in the cancellation of the change of Kennel Club registration.
  • The registration certificate is a record which may be called upon by the Kennel Club to be produced in the event of a dispute or for any other verification purposes in the future.

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