Activities committee's cancellation of events policy

With the increasing frequency of show/trial/event cancellations due to inclement weather, societies/event organisers are requested to state in their schedule their policy in the eventuality of the show/trial having to be cancelled for reasons beyond their control, such as inclement weather/poor ground conditions/venue cancellation etc.

The wording is set out in the specimen schedules for all activities disciplines which can be found on our website:
A policy of no refunds is not acceptable. An event cannot be postponed to a later date. Another date may be booked to replace the cancelled event for the future, in consultation with The Kennel Club, but must be considered as a separate show/trial/competition.

Making a profit from a cancelled event is not an option. Any events that are held over more than one day will be considered as a single event, even if separate licences have been issued.

Where a show/trial/competition is cancelled in its entirety before the event, no profit should be made from any part of the event and refunds should be given, less reasonably incurred expenses.

Where an event is abandoned part way through, refunds should be given for the classes/stakes that were not able to run. Profit should not be made from the abandoned part of the event, however any part of the event that has run may retain the profit made.

Actions to take when cancelling an event

1. As soon as the decision is made to cancel, The Kennel Club’s show and society services team must be notified by submitting the cancellation of shows online form.

The office will then offer advice, send out information required and paperwork to be completed by the event organisers. This will include a copy of the specimen balance sheet. Download the specimen balance sheet template.

Where possible the licence fee will be reimbursed if the cancellation is considered to have been beyond the society’s control. You will need to apply to the society and show services Team for the refund of the licence by email or by calling 01296 318540.

2. Inform competitors/creditors as soon as possible once the decision to cancel has been made.

3. As stated in the declaration in the specimen schedule, if the entry processor has the means to do so, competitors will be refunded in the manner in which they entered the show/trial/competition. It is vital that the refund process is seen to be fair to all parties concerned.

4. Regular updates on the progress of the refunds process must be regularly shared with competitors and creditors.

Refund process

1. The event organisers must put together a full set of detailed accounts using the proforma document and forward this to The Kennel Club no later than three months of the decision to cancel.

2. All income (e.g. entry fees, camping, sponsorship) and expenditure costs (including those that can be reduced or eliminated) must be included.

3. Should a full refund of entry fees be made, the proforma document is not necessary but confirmation in writing is required.

4. If the event is cancelled prior to the closing date, all entry fees must be refunded in full and no additional correspondence is required to The Kennel Club.

5. The activities committee will assess the refund process used in each case and ensure that only reasonable costs have been retained by the event organisers. Refunds may be processed prior to the activities committee meeting and societies are not required to wait for approval. Refunds must be processed within three months of the initial event date.

6. Non compliance with this policy may result in future event licences being withheld or withdrawn or refused.

Advice to minimise one off costs

  • Venue: when booking venues be aware of cancellation clauses for reasons such as weather which are outside the organisers' control. It is wise to negotiate cancellation costs to avoid paying full fees if the event has to be cancelled. A hire contract should be in writing and set out the rights and liabilities of both parties in terms of hire, cancellation and services
  • Consumables: avoid, as much as possible, purchasing non reusable products, such as catering supplies
  • Awards: undated rosettes and award cards can be held over for a later date

Distribution of surplus funds

It is permissible to provide all competitors with an automatic refund, without the requirement to apply for one.

If competitors are required to apply for a refund, not all competitors will apply for one. Thus there will be funds available to donate to a charity named by the society.
  1. The society’s cancellation policy must include an agreed process for the donation of such funds
  2. The entry form can contain the following statement and tick box:

    ‘In event of cancellation I wish to donate my entry fees to the club or at the club’s discretion to a charity chosen by the club.’