Kennel Club activities specimen schedules revised for 2018

Updated versions of the specimen schedules for breed shows, agility, obedience, working trials, bloodhound trials, heelwork to music and rally can now be downloaded from the Kennel Club website.

Organisers of Kennel Club licensed events in these disciplines are reminded that all competition schedules must conform to the current Kennel Club specimen schedules, and that no changes may be made to a show/trial schedule once issued, except with the permission of the Kennel Club.

The updated specimen schedules can be found at the following links:

Breed shows: 

Dog show secretary information


Agility show secretary information


Obedience secretary information

Working Trials: 

Working trials secretary information

Bloodhound working trials:

Bloodhound working trials secretary information

Heelwork to Music: 

Heelwork to music secretary information


Rally secretary information

The downloads are in PDF format; Microsoft Word versions may be requested by emailing the Working Dog Activities team or the Breed Shows team.