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Judges at Kennel Club licensed Dog shows are expected to maintain and abide by the highest standards, adhering to the Kennel Club Show (F) Regulations and the Code of Best Practice For Judges (including Guide for Judges and Ring Stewards and Code of Best Practice for the selection of Judges). All judges should meet the appropriate criteria set out by the Kennel Club. They must act honestly and impartially and judge in a customary fashion acceptable to competitors.

NEW- Judges Competency Framework (will be coming into effect as of January 2020)


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Rules, Regulations, Guidance and Criteria for Judges/Clubs/Councils and Societies

Show ‘F’ Regulations

Code of Best Practice For Judges 
(including Guide for Judges and Ring Stewards and 
Code of Best Practice for the selection of Judges)

Kennel Club Code of Conduct

Advisory Criteria for the Compilation of 
Breed Club Judges Lists Framework Document

Code of Best Practice for the Running of a 
Breed Seminar and Judging Competence Assessment (and its appendices) 

Briefing Note For Judges of Category 3 Breeds

Briefing Note for Judges at Kennel Club Dog Shows

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Judges Competency Framework 
(will be coming into effect as of January 2020)

Kennel Club Academy

Training Seminars

Breed Standards

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Judges and Judging Show Regulation FAQ's 

Health and Welfare

Breed Shows Liaison Council 

Show Liaison Council 

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