Judges Data Retention

Judges Data Retention

“Data minimisation” is one of the overarching principles in the data protection legislation. It requires personal data to be retained only for so long as is necessary.

We recommend that judges retain Show Catalogues for 24 months from your first CC appointment in each breed.

  • If the format of the Show Catalogue allows for the entries to be separated from exhibitor’s personal information (i.e. name, address etc.), we would advise that entry information is retained and exhibitor details are disposed of

  • If the format of the Show Catalogue does not allow for such separation of information then the Show Catalogue, including the exhibitor information, should be retained for the period outlined above

We understand that some judges may collect Show Catalogues for personal, domestic reasons as historic keepsakes of their judging career. It is our understanding that the data protection legislation would not apply in such instances, if such information is not disclosed, disseminated or retained for professional purposes.

However, where Show Catalogues are retained for records of entries, such Show Catalogues should be kept and disposed of in accordance with the retention period outlined above.

Judges should continue to keep a summary document recording numbers of entries for their appointments.