Caring for your new puppy

There's a lot to consider when you first bring your new puppy home, including feeding, walking, training, vaccination, socialisation and child safety. We'll help to ensure you're well prepared to care for your new four-legged friend.

How to name your dog

Find out our top tips on how to name your dog. Our Petlog data has revealed 2022's most popular names, read them to gain inspiration.

How to name your dog
Pembroke Cardigan Corgi in arms of blonde lady

Picking up your new puppy

Ensure you're well prepared when you go to pick up your pup, so you can both have a relaxed journey home.

Your new puppy
Labrador biting a orange tuggy with owners legs in view

As your puppy grows into an adult

From behavioural changes to sexual maturity, discover what you can expect as your puppy grows into an adult dog.

Your growing puppy
Brown and white puppy eating from a silver bowl

Feeding your puppy or dog well

It's important that your dog has a well balanced, healthy diet. Learn more about which diet is best for your dog and why.

Feeding your puppy or dog
Two puppies sat side by side, one of them has a paw on the others face

How to socialise your puppy

Like human children, puppies are not born with the social skills that they require to live with their family. Learn why socialisation is important.

Socialise your puppy
Brown and white puppy looking at own with a frown

The best environment for your puppy

Young puppies have a lot to learn, so it's best to ensure your home is 'dog proof'. Learn more about how to keep them safe and sound.

Home environment
Mum, dad and children sat with dog

Child safety around dogs and puppies

When introducing a new puppy or baby into the family, follow these steps to ensure the whole family is happy living together.

Child safety around dogs
Puppy looking at camera

What about when I'm away?

Do you occasionally have to leave your puppy alone for more than a few hours? Read our tips on leaving your puppy alone.

Leaving your dog at home

Protecting against dog theft

Protect your dog against dog theft by reading our top tips for keeping your dog safe and how to be proactive in protecting your four-legged friend.

Protecting against dog theft
Labrador being washed in the bath

Dog care

As a new dog owner, it's important to know how to take care of your dog and of your responsibilities as well. Discover more about how to care for your dog.

Dog care

Travelling with your dog

Whether you go by car or public transport, we have advice to ensure that as lockdown eases you're fully prepared and don’t forget anything when travelling with your dog.

Travelling with your dog

Day trips with your dog

With lockdown restrictions easing, you may be considering taking your puppy with you to cafes and pubs, but you’ll need to plan ahead so that you know what to expect.

Day trips with your dog
Dog looking into the fire

Holidays with your dog

When choosing a destination, it’s important that you do your research. The place that you stay will need to be somewhere that's dog friendly, but it's also useful to find out if there's lots of dog friendly activities to do nearby.

Going away with your dog

Overseas travel

Alongside the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, we've created a list of things to remember so that your trips is as stress-free as possible and in line with any requirements, following Brexit and the pandemic.

Overseas travel
Dog being stroked by owner

Coping with the loss of your dog

The death of a dog can sometimes hit us hard. Grieving for your dog is tough, but it’s important that you take the time to understand how you feel and find ways to cope with these difficult emotions.

Coping with the loss