Existing breeders

If you've already bred a litter, rest assured that we've got the detail you need to continue breeding responsibly and ethically. This section offers key insights and essential information, without guiding you through each stage of the pregnancy. However, should you ever need a refresher, feel free to explore our first-time breeders section to learn more.

Understand your breed

You can find out everything you need to know about your breed in our Breeds A to Z.

This area contains information on your breeds; breed standard, characteristics, colours, health screening, breeding restrictions and breed watch categorisation.


Health and breeding

At the heart of responsible breeding lies a commitment to health and welfare. Discover our wealth of resources on health screening, genetic testing, and breeding advice aimed at promoting the well-being of both parent dogs and their offspring.

Information on breeding

Explore our comprehensive guide covering all aspects of responsible breeding, from determining if breeding is right for your dog to understanding breeding crossbreeds and navigating pregnancy and whelping.

Digital puppy pack

They have found their forever home, so give them the best start with confidence. Simplify the process with our digital puppy pack, which allows you to:

  • Ensure their safety effortlessly with 5 weeks of free KCPI, thanks to automated COO and complimentary cover emails.

  • Share your valuable insights on the breed and your dog seamlessly, including feeding times, grooming tips, and more, to help new owners feel prepared and supported.

  • Automate many of the necessary details to free up your valuable time.

Puppy resources

Read our extensive collection of resources designed to support you through every stage of your puppy's life. From the crucial first eight weeks to vaccinations, microchipping, and managing common issues like worms and diarrhea, we've got the detail and guidance you need.