KCAI Preferred Educational Providers (PEPs)

Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme Preferred Educational Provider Status

The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme (KCAI) needs to assist its members in making meaningful decisions about whether educational courses and seminars offered by third parties are of suitable quality and relevance for members to achieve their desired learning outcomes.

Our members have told us that identifying courses and seminars of genuine quality is difficult due to the proliferation of courses and the prevalence of jargon and acronymns in the world of education. There are many excellent education providers offering superior courses and seminars and we believe it is important that these are differentiated from those offering less valuable education to our members.

In order to do this, the KCAI Scheme wishes to identify Preferred Education Providers (PEPs) which satisfy rigorous quality criteria and can be recommended to our members. We believe that KCAI PEP status will be a clear indication of quality to prospective students. The Scheme has therefore identified three areas for measurement:

  • General probity and quality of the organisation or individual offering the course  or seminar
  • The content of the course or seminar offered is clearly indicated against the KCAI Scheme content
  • The level or qualification the course or seminar is offered at is measured against a national educational framework

The KCAI Scheme wishes to work closely with Preferred Educational Providers (PEPs) in order to offer the very highest level of achievement and development to our members. As such, PEP status also offers a number of benefits and opportunities to education providers, such as representation at live events like the KCAI Annual Member Event.

You can see links to our current Preferred Educational Providers below. At the side of this page there are also links to the KCAI Scheme Modules, showing where our PEP courses fit in with these modules. If you have any queries at all, just click one of the direct links to our PEP home pages or contact the KCAI team on 0844 469 3980 ext 321.

The main aim of the KCAI Scheme is to improve the wellbeing of dogs and their owners by ensuring that trainers and advisors are of the best quality. More about Preferred Educational Providers can be found on the landing page.

The list of education providers below offer courses which are relevant to KCAI Scheme requirements. These organisations have been assessed to affirm the courses are conducted to recognised educational standards. It is important that KCAI Scheme members should satisfy themselves that the content of any course they select is suitable for their own needs.

Our Partners:



Agility 1st

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Animal Care College

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Canine Studies College

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Dog Business Academy

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Dog Law

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Galen Therapy Centre

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The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training

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The KCAI Board has decided that we are currently not taking any new applications for Preferred Educational Providers (PEP) status.

For further information, contact 01296 318540 ext 321, or email the KCAI Team.


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