Duplicate Activity Register Certificate

Duplicate Activity Register Certificate
If you have misplaced your dog’s Activity Register Certificate, you can purchase a replacement.


  • A replacement certificate if you have misplaced yours
  • An official document which is recognised by overseas kennel clubs
  • Will show any updated information, i.e. removal of endorsements, change of owner address or surname (although it is not mandatory to order a new certificate if any such changes are made)

Terms and conditions

  • Can only be ordered by the registered owner
  • Can only be sent to the address of the registered owner
  • Should not be ordered if a valid Registration Certificate is in circulation


  • Delivery is expected within 14 working days of receipt of the order
  • Postage and packaging is included in the fee

Frequently asked questions

How do I order a replacement certificate?

This document can be ordered either online or over the phone.

My dog is not registered with The Kennel Club. Can I order a registration certificate?

You can only order a Registration Certificate for a dog that is registered on The Kennel Club Breed Register or Activity Register.

I don’t know my dog's registration name/number. Can I order a certificate?

To ensure we are sending the document for the correct dog, the registration name and number must be quoted on the certificate order. 

I need the certificate to be posted to an alternative address. Can I request this?

We can only send a Registration Certificate to the address of the registered owner.

I need to re-register my dog with an overseas kennel club. Can I use this certificate?

For most import applications with an overseas kennel club, a certified Export Pedigree is required. However, Irish Kennel Club, Guernsey Kennel Club or Kennel Club of Jersey may only require a Registration Certificate and certified Three Generation Pedigree.

Can my certificate be emailed to me?

The certificate will be delivered by post. Unfortunately we do not offer an email service.

I have changed my name/address. Do I need to order a new certificate?

It is not mandatory for a new certificate to be ordered if the holder changes any of their personal details.