Kennel Club offers DNA testing at Crufts for first time

For the first time, The Kennel Club is offering DNA testing at Crufts via its new DNA Testing Services, with a special Crufts discount.

Launched in December, The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services have been developed to improve and protect dog health, and to promote responsible dog breeding.

Priced between £60 to £140, with a £20 off special Crufts offer on selected Breed-Specific Packages running throughout March, The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services provide cost-effective access to the most impactful genetic health tests – without the need to carry out each one individually – with results that are easy to interpret and accompanied by breeding and care advice. The service, which collects a dog’s DNA sample via a simple cheek swab, is available for 78 breeds on The Kennel Club stand at Crufts, taking place from 9-12 March at the NEC, Birmingham.

The service has been uniquely developed by The Kennel Club in partnership with Weatherbys Scientific, to provide breeders with the tools needed to breed against the verified, breed relevant diseases but also to to advance understanding of dog disease, with those who use the service contributing to canine genetic research – both through data collection and with all funds reinvested into ongoing research and health initiatives.

Anyone at Crufts can visit The Kennel Club Stand in Hall 3 to take advantage of this special Crufts discount. Visitors can either purchase a kit to DNA test their dog at home, or if they have their dog/s with them at the event, The Kennel Club health team can assist owners to swab their dog on The Kennel Club stand, speeding up the process, without the need for sending off samples in the post. To view the Breed-Specific Packages visit the DNA testing page.

Test results will automatically be registered on a dog’s record and available on The Kennel Club website, allowing breeders to find health-tested mates, and puppy buyers to check if the dog they are thinking of buying has come from health-tested parents. 

Dr Joanna Ilska, Genetics and Research Manager at The Kennel Club said: “We are delighted to offer The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services for the first time at Crufts. We hope that caring breeders and responsible owners make use of these services to ensure they are having a genuine and positive impact on the health of future generations of dogs. Those who use the services will be contributing to driving further understanding of canine genetics and disease, and the development of dog health initiatives, with all data and profits reinvested into research as part of The Kennel Club’s mission of making a difference for dogs.”

Further information about DNA testing is available on the website, by emailing the health team or speaking directly to the team at Crufts.

For information on how to get to Crufts at the NEC visit the show information page on the Crufts website. The discounted DNA Testing Services are available on The Kennel Club stand in Hall 3.