Agility Stakes winners crowned at The London International Horse Show

The Kennel Club Agility Stakes finals, held in association with Skinner’s at The London International Horse Show, have crowned five pairs of dogs and their owners winners across five different agility competitions. 

The Kennel Club Agility Stakes, which took place at London ExCeL from the 15 – 19 December, are one of the most prestigious agility competitions in the world. The event saw stars of agility who had earned qualification in competitions throughout the year compete in the finals across small, medium, large, intermediate and large ABC (Anything But Collie) categories.

Each competition was judged by Kennel Club Championship agility judge, David Isbister, with assistant judge, Dave Deaville. 

The winners of The Kennel Club Agility Stakes were:

  • Thursday 15 December: Large ABC – Edit Ratkai with her Malinois Belgian Shepherd Dog, Monkey by Nature, from Southampton, Hampshire.
  • Friday 16 December: Small – Martin Reid with his Shetland Sheepdog, Get it With Eager to Work, from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
  • Saturday 17 December: Large – Mike Bendell with his Working Sheepdog, Lookylooky Blue Falcon, from Bristol.
  • Sunday 18 December: Intermediate – Greg Derrett with his Border Collie, Nedlo Vice Girl Sproglett, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
  • Monday 19 December: Medium – Dalton Meredith with his Border Collie, Ag Ch Fandabidozi Munchykin Jive, from Bristol.

Ben Skinner, of Skinner’s, commented: “Many congratulations to all competing dogs and their owners for such fantastic performances in all events at this year’s Kennel Club Agility Stakes. We are pleased to be supporting this prestigious competition which always brings a great level of excitement and demonstrates a world-class level of agility by all competitors. We’d like to wish every dog and their owner the best of luck for upcoming competitions in 2023.”

Vanessa McAlpine, Events Executive at The Kennel Club said: “Congratulations to all dogs and their owners for demonstrating such excellence in agility across all competitions. Everyone who took part over the last couple of days should feel very proud.

“The Kennel Club Agility Stakes bring tough competition and require dedication from all competing dogs and their handlers in the training and qualifying process. We hope that all our winners and competitors have a lovely Christmas.”

The Kennel Club Agility Stakes were held in association with Skinner’s at The London International Horse Show, at ExCeL London, from 15 – 19 December 2022. 

Find more information and a full list of results.

For owners interested in getting started in agility with their dog, The Kennel Club has created a guide which can be found online.