The Kennel Club Agility Stakes

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One of the most important showcase events for agility in the UK takes place every December at London International Horse Show. Each year, the country's most talented agility dogs and handlers vie in qualifying heats at agility shows across the country to gain a coveted invitation to compete at The Kennel Club Agility Stakes finals.

Skinner's have sponsored The Kennel Club Agility Stakes since 2014, and this much appreciated sponsorship continues in 2020. This exciting collaboration between The Kennel Club and Skinner's will ensure this event continues to remain a top-class competition.

The Kennel Club Agility Stake rules 2024

Where can I qualify?
The Kennel Club agility stakes rules 2024

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The Kennel Club Agility Stakes Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals

The Kennel Club Agility Stakes Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals will be held at Vale View Equestrian Centre on Saturday 14 September

Judge: Ryan Hennessy
Assistant Judge: Dan Hodson

The Kennel Club Agility Stakes Final

The Kennel Club Agility Stakes Final will be taking place at The London International Horse Show from 18-22 December 2024. Please see the schedule of events below. Please note that if you are competing in these Finals in the International Arena, and also competing in London Arena in Crufts Semi-Finals and/or in the Small/Mixi Pairs Finals there is a chance that the scheduling of the events may clash. A full detailed timetable with timings for both arenas will be released in October 2024. 

Date Competition
Wednesday 18 December Small Agility Stakes Final
Thursday 19 December  Large ABC Agility Stakes Final
Friday 20 December Large Agility Stakes Final
Saturday 21 December Intermediate Agility Stakes Final
Sunday 22 December Medium Agility Stakes Final
Small Height Dogs

The below dogs and handlers have qualified for the Small Semi-Final Agility Stakes at Vale View in September.

Handler Dog/ Breed Show
Martin Reid Ag Ch Get It With Eager To Work (Shetland Sheepdog) 2023 Grand Final Winner
Karen Boardman Devongem Tiz Unbeatable
(Working Cocker Spaniel)
Prestbury Park
Lee Harfield Devongem Rewrite The Stars
(Cocker Spaniel)
Prestbury Park
Julie Bearder Paucelin Jester AW(S)
(Manchester Terrier)
Prestbury Park
Louise  Godwin The Fate Of The Furious At Vamonalou (Crossbreed) Tunbridge Wells
Rachel Ward Devongem Sweet But A Syko (Cocker Spaniel) Tunbridge Wells
Les Pearce Devongem Eruption Of Fire AW(G) (Working Cocker Spaniel) Tunbridge Wells
Jason Smawfield-Huby Cotton Candy Sunshine (AWD) (Poodle (Miniature)) Wilmslow
Samantha Lord Nixtev Xylia AW(G) (German Spitz (Mittel)) Wilmslow
Holly Jervis Lady Bug Fly Away Home AW(G) (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Wilmslow
Jen Lewis Basileas I Am Legend (Miniature American Shepherd) Ribble
Liz Naylor Devongem Bright Skye At Hornspike (Working Cocker Spaniel) Ribble
Donna Jarvie Turbotoes Pitch Perfect (Working Cocker Spaniel) Ribble
Dawn Weaver Agility With A Chipmunk (Cross) Blackdown
Babs Foster Baron Quick 'n' Spry (Cross) Blackdown
Sander Tit Tuftihead First Choice (Working Cocker Spaniel) Blackdown
Lauren Langman Devongem Stay Wild (Working Cocker Spaniel) Worcester
Ian Law Kellandbrook Mojito Of Wynfaest AW(S) (Working Cocker Spaniel) Worcester
Abigail Doxford Tuftihed First Lady (Cocker Spaniel) Worcester
Martin Tait Rat A Tat A Dervish Demon (Cross) Nottingham
nAmy Bennett Heaven Sent To Mirramay (Cross) Nottingham
Angela Williams Venexia Luna Eclipse (Cocker Spaniel) Nottingham
Carla Whyte Papikoi's Amazing Secret (Miniature American Shepherd) Dartford
Alan Bray Ag CH Devongem Firestarter At Upanovatigers (Working Cocker Spaniel) Dartford
Stacey Frost Skippy Kipp (Cross) Dartford
Alison German Samsir Written In The Stars (Cocker Spaniel) Wye Valley
Linda Evans Mezonyx Cherish The Moment (Poodle (Miniature)) Wye Valley
Kate Prosser Aveegotun Field Of Dreams For Bonamassa (Spaniel (Cocker)) Wye Valley
Jane Chenery Trinavantes Wired For Sound (Working Cocker Spaniel) Hinckley
Poppy Richards Two Tone Terror (Cross) Hinckley
Jo Gleed Devongem Classic (Cocker Spaniel) Hinckley
Angela Russell Naxshivan Moon River AW(D) (Working Cocker Spaniel) Otley
Angela Russell Silvafern Ninja AW(S) (Working Cocker Spaniel) Otley
Chloe Cooper Aint He Sweep (Cross) Otley
Dawn Weaver Ag Ch Galaxy's Dream Summer (Cross) Thames
Matthew Burdett Licosateria Final Frontier (Shetland Sheepdog) Thames
Lily  Woodford Ag Ch Fiynysmon Abbey Of Chilternlily (Working Cocker Spaniel) Thames
Medium Height Dogs

The below dogs and handlers have qualified for the Medium Semi-Final Agility Stakes at Vale View in September.

Handler Dog/ Breed Show
Toni Dawkins Ag Ch Bachero Cross My Heart (Miniature American Shepherd) 2023 Grand Final Winner
Sammy Pegg Leebeardream Plug In Baby
(Border Collie)
North Derbyshire
Shannon Springford Ag Ch Shansdream A Gift Of Love
(Border Collie)
North Derbyshire
Jamie Wright Dream On Dexter AW(S)
North Derbyshire
Dawn Weaver Galaxy's Ace Of Spades (Cross) Southdowns
Edit Ratkai Mimbre It's Norti Nora At Ceebee (Manchester Terrier) Southdowns
Mark Pattenden Kats Izz Ginger Snaps (Cross) Southdowns
Liz Carpenter Ag Ch Moseleywood Maggie AW(G) (Cross)  Wyre
Les Pearce Devongem The Legacy (Cocker Spaniel)  Wyre
 Rachel Ward Ivormyth Double Or Nothing (Cross) Wyre
Laura Chapman Ag Ch Leebeardream Come True (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
Jo Gleed Spiderwick Nimble Ninja (Cocker Spaniel) Tunbridge Wells
Kevin Holmes Northfen Mystic Moonlight AW(G) (Working Cocker Spaniel) Tunbridge Wells
Ellie Beach Nellina indiana AW(S) (Spaniel (Cocker)) Wilmslow
Karen Whittle Pip A Dee Doo Dah AW(S) (Spaniel (Cocker)) Wilmslow
Tracey Gledhill Dolores Boocat of Osprey (Spaniel (English Springer)) Wilmslow
James Adams Ag Ch Devongem Tiz Gold Standard (Working Cocker Spaniel) Kernow
Natasha Wise Ag Ch Tottlefields Flipping Bizzy (Cocker Spaniel) Kernow
Charlotte Wilkinson Purtoclan Blaze Of Flames' (Cocker Spaniel) Kernow
Stephanie Best Z-Atomic Spice Koryfej (Shetland Sheepdog) Scunthorpe
Jo Gleed Ag Ch Devongem Firing It Up (Cocker Spaniel) Scunthorpe
Amy Langman I Did A Thing (Cocker Spaniel) Scunthorpe
Sally Butler Batsal's Last Chance Nance (Cross) Vyne
Dalton Meredith Ag Ch Fandabidozi Munchykin Jive (Border Collie) Vyne
Georgie Lott Pickthorn Hollie (Working Cocker Spaniel) Vyne
Keith Taylor Devongem Time to Shine (Spaniel  Working Cocker) Fair City
Siobhan Butterfield Basileas Cinnamon Flame AW(G) (Miniature American Shepherd) Fair City
Grace McDermott Sillypups Don't Panic Paris (Cross) Fair City
Debra Teds Devongem Its A Stitch Up (Spaniel (Cocker) Worcester
Jane Chenery Blackengine Dusk (Spaniel (Cocker) Worcester
Roanna Newton Maesydderwen Toivo (Cocker Spaniel) Worcester
Ashleigh Butler Glendream Another Monster (Cross) Thames
Mariann  Bayliss Bet Your Bottom Dollar (Cross) Thames
Rob Hocking Riverspell Go With The Flow (BC) Thames
Summer Clark Tuftihed Fly Like An Eagle AW(P) (Spaniel (Working Cocker)) Axstane
Laura Warwick Midnight Bloom AW(G) (Spaniel (Working Cocker)) Axstane
Michael Green Tuftihed Born to Be Wild (Spaniel (Working Cocker)) Axstane
Intermediate Height Dogs

The below dogs and handlers have qualified for the Intermediate Quarter-Final Agility Stakes at Vale View in September.

Handler Dog/ Breed Show
Mark Den Dunnen

Devongem Be A Bright Star (Border Collie)

2023 Grand Final Winner
Stephanie Best Shadow Of Aire Believe In The Dream
(Border Collie)
Greg Derrett Nedlo Vice Girl Sproglett
(Border Collie)
Amanda Ellerton Cherryhog Discovery
(Border Collie)
Toni Smith Cherryhog Bright Future
(Border Collie)
Michelle Waugh Manicjax Summer Dreams
(Border Collie)
Rachael Frost Every Kingdom Side Effect
(Border Collie)
Naomi Read Classic Firefly
(Border Collie)
Kate  Howlett Bonbellami Rey Of Hope
(Border Collie)
Alice Newport Herbert Goes Bananas
Nicola Vince Stormbeck Apple Pips
(Border Collie)
Sarah Crouch Tanqaru Hot Gossip (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
Daniel Croxford Fellspirit Live The Dream (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
Steven Seale Devongem Try Fleck (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
Steve Mills Castomya Never Ending Story (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
Kerry Scott Kenaiteen Allegro (Labrador) Tunbridge Wells
Aimee Kerton Baybelieve Shes Black Magic (Border Collie) Kernow
Bernie Jobbins Aurora's Flaming Magic (Border Collie) Kernow
Georgina Baker Fandabidozi Funky Music (Border Collie) Kernow
Laura Pye Borderpops Little Vixen (Border Collie) Kernow
Olivia Patz Comebyanaway A Ton Of Jewels (Border Collie) Kernow
Hayley  Laches Hayleys Total Pixelisation (Crossbreed) Norfolk
Laura Wilson Devongem Lite Of Nite Novas (Border Collie) Norfolk
Isaac Hartley Puella Pied Piper (Working Sheepdog) Norfolk
Nicky  Parris Braunsbeck True Cymru Girl (Border Collie) Norfolk
Caroline Ashby Champwaith Lord Beau (Border Collie) Norfolk
Sarah Kitching Indistorm Lucky Seven (BC) West Lakeland
Jane Drinnan-Payne Blacksheep Maximum Effort (BC) West Lakeland
Rhiannon Douglas Lakeland Slate (BC) West Lakeland
Liana Lumsden Menna Be A Lab (WSD) West Lakeland
Julie Carter Game Seth And Match AW(G) (WSD) West Lakeland
Jenny  Kimber Comebyanaway Driven By Hope (BC) Worcester
Sarah Woodley Basileas Yabba Dabba Doo (Miniature American Shepherd) Worcester
Georgina Baker Fandabidozi Extra Of Dust (BC) Worcester
Debbie Figg Debbemy Magical Swift (BC) Worcester
David Mining Mendipstar Mischief Managd (BC) Worcester
Rachel Carre Princess Gemandi AW(G) (WSD) SKC
Tom  Flynn Twist About Shout (BC) SKC
Katie Merry Lynwood OhNo Another (BC) SKC
Adele Lawton Kirkwind Faithful Queen at Noblepaws AW(P) (BC) SKC
Pete Ayling Thumb Bellina (Bearded Collie) SKC
Naarah Cuddy Runbye Goin Bananas (BC) Hinckley
Jessica  Sansome Jess Has Been Jinxed (BC) Hinckley
Melanie Norman Darleyfalls Flick A Diamond (BC) Hinckley
Lila Zachwatowicz Dash Of Rainbowdale (BC) Hinckley
Karen Marriott Comebyanaway Guess What (BC) Hinckley
Sarah Bunce Castamya New Direction (BC) Godmanchester
Aileen Watson Serenskye Dream Rockett WSD Godmanchester
Diane  Reed Bear Prince Of Ainmhithe Cross Godmanchester
Estelle Lancaster Gunran into the Knight (BC) Godmanchester
Debbie White Tip Top Lollipop AWG Cross Godmanchester
Iain Patz Comebyanaway Wild Streak (BC) Thames
Alan Wildman Ag Ch Chikaramor Kynda Amazyng (BC)  Thames
Annette Parker Dreamarkis Don't Say A Word (BC) Thames
Steven Richardson Ag Ch Moel Gamble Demonic Risk (BC) Thames
Darren Stokes Fandabidozi Flair Of Dust (BC) Thames
Emma Pirrie Empire All The Craze (BC) Prestwick
Brian McDougal Gaunyersel Careless Wispa (BC) Prestwick
Eilidh Murray Lalapaws Leap of Faith (BC) Prestwick
Emma Pirrie Empire All The Rage AWG (BC) Prestwick
Jaime McCullough Aslethorn North's Dezire (BC) Prestwick
Large Height Dogs

The below dogs and handlers have qualified for the Large Quarter-Final Agility Stakes at Vale View in September.

Handler Dog/ Breed Show
Dalton Meredith Ag Ch Fandabidozi Eclipse Of Dust (Border Collie)  2023 Grand Final Winner
Shannon Springford Castomya Love Is Gifted At Shansdream
(Border Collie)
Dave  Munnings Ag Ch Comebyanaway Wot A Legacy
(Border Collie)
Martin Reid Ag Ch Lilhaze Spring Into Shape
(Border Collie)
Tracy Moerel Zhanisgo Acclaim To Fame
(Border Collie)
Ellen Sleight Teddy Bear Grylls
Tori Brand Kiozac Reach For The Sky AW(S)
(Border Collie)
Prestbury Park
Siobhan Speedie Ride The Breeze
Prestbury Park
Max Glover Neuadd Lwyd Beat At Soldaze
(Border Collie)
Prestbury Park
Tina Twyman Dreamorox Repeat The Dream
(Border Collie)
Prestbury Park
Jackie Young Rubiheath Finn
(Border Collie)
Prestbury Park
Harriet Harding Lalapaws Ever Irrational (Border Collie) Wyre
Max Glover Soldaze One Summer Dream (Border Collie) Wyre
Anthony Clarke Sunwood Hustle (Border Collie) Wyre
Donna Surtees Miss Batty (Border Collie) Wyre
Jenny Kimber Fandabidozi Dare To Rumba Border Collie) Wyre
Dalton Meredith Fandabidozi I Have A Crush (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
Amy Challis Royce Running Riot (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
Abigail Phillips Mash Or Smash (Lurcher) Tunbridge Wells
Mike Bendell Devongem Pure Genius AW(P) (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
Tunde Bell Soldaze Lady Gertrude (Border Collie) Tunbridge Wells
James Adams Lilhaz Spring Into Blossom (Border Collie)  Kernow
Bonny Quick Infinity Light Trail Of Flames (Border Collie) Kernow
Caroline Godfrey Darleyfalls Perfect Storm AW(S) (Border Collie) Kernow
Naarah Cuddy Ag Ch Lilhaze Dark Pleasure (Border Collie) Kernow
Chris Kerton Infinity Runners Shanapu (Border Collie) Kernow
Nicola Wildman Runbye Do It With Passion (Border Collie) Scunthorpe
Jane Powell Darleyfalls Noddy Spots (Border Collie) Scunthorpe
Annette Parker Credit To Dee's Paws (Border Collie) Scunthorpe
Sharon Banks Poughkeepsie Felicitas (Border Collie) Scunthorpe
Amanda Ellerton Into Gear Ready Steady Beau (WSD) Scunthorpe
Megan Meade Lalapaws Don't Stop Believin (BC) Ribble
Joanne Tristram Foxridge Fade To Black (BC) Ribble
Jo  Gleed Devongem Ready To Steal (BC) Ribble
Lindsey  Lightowler Breewhych Days Future Past (BC) Ribble
Steven Richardson Fell View's Wicked Demon (BC) Ribble
Lisa Duggan Devongem Tri Ted (BC) Vyne
Jo Burt Ferrous Elemental Flick (BC) Vyne
Rory Tidmarsh Perfect Peachey's Cool Dude (BC) Vyne
Alison Belcher Chazak Skyfall AW(D) (BC) Vyne
Paul Willmott Proforza Piece Of Wow (BC) Vyne
Donna Jarvie Montaki Dream of Magic (BC) Fair City
Lynn Winton They Call Me Mr Giggles (BC) Fair City
Margaret-Ann Mitchell Wiggly Duffton Lad (Labrador Retriever) Fair City
Arlene Brown McGee And My Shadow AW(S) (WSD) Fair City
Dorothy Anderson Just Like Jesse James (BC) Fair City
Max Glover Soldaze Dark Side Of The Moon (BC) Nottingham
Stuart Harmes Darleyfalls Bam Bam (BC) Nottingham
Sian Illingworth Zhanisgo Redesign (BC) Nottingham
Donna Jarvie Darleyfalls Good Vibes (BC) Nottingham
Dan Shaw Ag Ch Runbye Redefining Rules (BC) Nottingham
Alan Bray Ag Ch Devongem Blade Runner At Upanovatigers (BC) Dartford
Steven Poulton Corfu Gems Dare To Bear (WSD) Dartford
Emmy Figg Debbemy Powerful Emrys (BC) Dartford
Fiona Whelan Dark Foreigner (Cross) Dartford
Olivia White Isilme Mocha Monkey (BC) Dartford
Euan Paterson Ag Ch Devongem Quick Time (BC) Hinckley
Laura Murphy The Harpoon (Cross) Hinckley
Shannon Springford Zhanisgo Give It Some Banter (BC) Hinckley
Nicola Vince Comebyanaway Hey Whats Up (BC) Hinckley
Robyn Sinclair Lalapaws One For The Road (BC) Hinckley
Alan  Short Lalapaws Oh Ya Dancer (BC) Otley
Hayley  Tindall Tindall's Usselby Prince AW(S) (WSD) Otley
Jessica  Clarehugh Avonwolf Beanies Dizzy Dora (Malinois) Otley
Gemma  Platt Bexenolly Miss Dior (BC) Otley
Laura  Short Comebyanaway By The Way Love (BC) Otley
Jessica  Smith Soldaze Extravagance (BC) Thames
Caroline Hendy Wychnmutts Mr Teatime (BC) Thames
Amy Bennett Mirramay Firestorm** (BC) Thames
Connie Sellers-Lane Camddwr Beware The Batpig (BC) Thames
Edit Ratkai Monkey By Nature (Malinois) Thames
Hollie  Simpson Amazing Alva (BC) Prestwick
Donna Still Incanto I is Dexx (BC) Prestwick
Amy Creaser Farwoodview Firefly (WSD) Prestwick
Robert Hall Whassup Alfie (WSD) Prestwick
Marion Alexander Lexie's Howitzer (BC) Prestwick
Large ABC Height Dogs

The below dogs and handlers have qualified for the Large ABC Semi-Final Agility Stakes at Vale View in September.

Handler Dog/ Breed Show
Megan Meade Rekkit Robyn (German Shorthaired Pointer) 2023 Grand Final Winner
Clair Ashford Mini Moo Macy AW(S) (Labrador) Coltishall
Helen Postle Izzi Clever Fox (Malinois) Coltishall
Jane Anderson Koolrunin Feel The Rhythm (Australian Kelpie) Coltishall
Esme Robinson  Charmpark Gabbie (Labrador Retriever) Wyre
Sarah Bowyer Hollytarn Russet AW(G) (Labrador Retriever) Wyre
Michelle Sturge What A Blip (Cross) Wyre
Lynne Gittins Dragonheart Red Destroyer (Australian Kelpie) Scunthorpe
Julie-Ann Darlington Bohemian Spirit (Cross) Scunthorpe
Wendy McAlenan Jonanelle Miranda AW(S) (Labrador Retriever) Scunthorpe
Ivan Smith Ettinsmoor Wells Fargo (Labrador Retriever) Wallingford
Sarah Ryman We Will Rock You (Standard Poodle) Wallingford
Sally  Walford Redeskar Bria Boy (Labrador Retriever) Wallingford
Chloe Pattie Heads Inn Golden Belle (Labrador Retriever) Woodside
Corrie Watson Morgans Freerunner Ola (Cross) Woodside
Adele Lawton Golden Lion King AW(S) (Golden Retriever) Woodside
Shane Blaseby Witherstons Gandolf AW(G) (Labrador Retriever) Vyne
Fiona Whelan Dark Foreigner (Cross) Vyne
Jessica Keegans Cardueae Veroni Of Vogelaar AW(G) (Labrador Retriever) Vyne
Abigail Phillips Mash Or Smash (Lurcher) Blackdown
Penny Scholes Avonwolf Deep River (Malinois) Blackdown
Nicole Mawer Castlecoole Dream Edition AW(S) (German Shorthaired Pointer) Blackdown
Cathy Withall Koolrunin Runes Of Fate AW(S) (Australian Kelpie) Roseland
Janine Barlow Arakisis Lunae Luceat AW(S) (Golden Retriever) Roseland
Tina Simpson Hawksflight The Phoenix AW(P) (Tervueren) Roseland
Laura Mordecai Harlister Missy Scarlet (Hungarian Vizsla) Dartford
Kerryn  Von Puttkammer Niamh Said Neev AW(D) (German Shepherd Dog) Dartford
Janice  Palfrey Willowhurst Hi I'm Martha AW(S) (Collie (Smooth)) Dartford
Jessica Clarehugh Avonwolf Beanies Dizzy Dora (Malinois) Otley
Michael  Newns Kilty McKilt Face (Bearded Collie) Otley
Julie  Rumsey Avonwolf Graffiti (Malinois) Otley

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