Agility Stakes winners crowned at The London International Horse Show

This year’s winners have been crowned at The Kennel Club Agility Stakes, held in association with Skinner’s.

The prestigious event running from 16 – 20 December saw the stars of dog agility compete in five finals in the small, medium, intermediate, large, and large ABC (Anything But a Collie) categories as part of The London International Horse Show, at ExCeL London.

Each competition was judged by Kennel Club Championship agility judge Gary Murphy, with assistant judge, David Isbister.

The winners of The Kennel Club Agility Stakes were:
  • Thursday 16 December: Large ABC – Jessica Clarehugh with her Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois), Dora, from Leeds.
  • Friday 17 December: Small – Dawn Weaver with her Papillon/Border Collie Summer, from Portland, Dorset.
  • Saturday 18 December: Large – Naarah Cuddy with her Border Collie, Lemon, from Cullompton, Devon.
  • Sunday 19 December: Intermediate – Lesley Olden with her Border Collie, Yodel, from Sherfield English, Hampshire.
  • Monday 20 December: Medium – Aemillia Nicholson with her Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel, Wyllow, from Stoke on Trent.
William Delamore, Group Commercial Director at Skinner's, commented: "Many congratulations to all the winners. We are so pleased to see the return of such a prestigious and exciting event, and the standard across the board was world-class. We'd like to wish each and every competitor the best of luck for 2022."

Vanessa McAlpine, Events Executive at The Kennel Club said: "Very well done to all the competitors - we saw so many talented dogs and handlers over the last few days. The Agility Stakes is always an exciting event that really showcases the very best of agility and we were delighted to see the return of the event, in the new home of ExCeL London. We hope that all our winners and competitors have a lovely Christmas."

More information and results from The Kennel Club Agility Stakes can be found on The Kennel Club website.