Shropshire dog wins Kennel Club Any Variety (excluding Cocker) Championship

FT Ch Mountvue Heidi, a three-year-old English Springer Spaniel bitch, and her owner, Ian Openshaw from Shropshire, have won the prestigious Kennel Club Any Variety Spaniel (excluding Cocker) Championship for 2020, alongside Simon Dixon, who handled Heidi during the competition.

The Championship is sponsored by Skinner’s Field & Trial and was held at Blenheim Palace from 15th-17th January, by gracious permission of the Duke of Marlborough.

The Championship received a total of 66 entries for the competition, with 59 dogs and handlers running in the event, and saw some outstanding dog work on display from the competing spaniels.

Ian Openshaw said: “Heidi has always been a good dog – she was a field trial champion at 18 months old and we always felt that it was her destiny to win the Championship. She’s able to face any type of cover, and in brambles she’s the best hunting dog I have ever owned.

“The Championship judges said she was the best dog on both sides and we are absolutely delighted to have won at Blenheim.’’

Heidi was also awarded the Gun’s Choice, as well as Best Bitch and Best Hunting Spaniel.

The judges at the competition were Peter Avery, Martin Ford, Chris Thurston-Woolnough and Mick Walsh who selected the following winners:

  • 1st – FT Ch Mountvue Heidi, owned by Ian Openshaw and handled by Simon Dixon.
  • 2nd – Int FT Ch Meadowbeat Neala of Greenbrush, owned and handled by Raymond Wilson.
  • 3rd – Cornermarsh Charisma, owned and handled by David Horseman.
  • 4th – FT Ch Surefly Sassy, owned and handled by Terry Siwek.

Diploma of Merit winners were as follows:

  • FT Ch Hagghouse Warrior, owned and handled by Andy Cunningham
  • FT Ch Broomfield Anna, owned and handled by Eddie Scott
  • FT Ch Bucklawren Krusoe, owned and handled by Simon Jones
  • FT Ch Murrayeden Brandi, owned and handled by Andy Skinner
  • Spirocon Annie of Jenoren, owned and handled by Jim Adamson
  • FT Ch Helmsway Harrington, owned and handled by Ian English
  • Int FT Ch Luthmhor Draco, owned and handled by Steve Blackwell
  • Cornermarsh High Scar Girl, owned and handled by David Horsman
  • FT Ch Bucklawren Luna of Stockingford, owned and handled by Maurice Stanbury
  • Kansas Kate, owned and handled by Sarah Higgins
  • FT Ch Fuselea Delight, owned and handled by Ian Clarke
  • Int FT Ch Gardenrath Cheyenne, owned and handled by Ed McCauley
  • Cowarnecourt Keisha, owned and handled by Angelo Lo Curto
  • FT Ch Gorsebay Snipe, owned and handled by Craig Lewis
  • FT Ch Willowsaul Whizz, owned and handled by Kev Richardson
  • FT Ch Syncerus Solo of Creccamarsh, owned and handled by Richard Biggs
  • FT Ch Hillfighter Alps, owned by Veronica Selby and handled by Jon Bailey
  • FT Ch Hilluxdream Clipper of Cheweky, owned and handled by Mark Whitehouse
  • FT Ch Dawsonlee Jellybean, owned and handled by Simon Dixon
  • FT Ch Walkers Winkle, owned and handled by Aubrey Ladyman
  • Delflush Dice, owned and handled by Martin Bell

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