The Kennel Club field trial championships

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There are five field trial championships each year: the Cocker Spaniel Championship, the Any Variety Spaniel (excluding Spaniel [Cocker]) Championship, the Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship, the IGL Retriever Championship and the Pointer and Setter Champion Stake. Thank you to Skinner's Field & Trial who sponsor the Cocker Spaniel, the AV Spaniel (ex Cocker), the HPR championships and the IGL Retriever Championships.

Information on this season’s events and results for previous championships is below.

Cocker Spaniel Championship

2020/21 championship

3 - 4 January 2021
Windsor, Berkshire – gracious permission of HM the Queen
Judges: Mr G Veasey, Mr Bates, Mr C Colclough, Mr A Cunningham
Reserve - TBC

2019/20 championship

The 90th Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel Championships was held on 3 and 4 January 2020 at Faccombe Estate Hampshire. The judges at the competition were Martin Deacon, Wayne Greig, Martin Ford and Martin Smee.

The championship is kindly sponsored by Skinner’s Field & Trial.

Results 2020
  • 1st – FT Ch Trochry Eau Rouge of Poolgreen, owned by Philip Lewis and handled by William Clulee
  • 2nd – FT Ch Endowood Faith, owned by Jay Lowrey and handled by Ian Openshaw
  • 3rd – FT Ch Endowood Francesca, owned by Alex Hayes and handled by Ian Openshaw
  • 4th – FT Ch Mallowdale Shine, owned by Steve Charlton and handled by Ian Openshaw

Diplomas of Merit were awarded to:

  • FT Ch Glenugie’s Nalani, owned and handled by Jamie Reid
  • FT Ch Poolgreen Griffin, owned and handled by Will Clulee
  • FT Ch Omachie Beinn Lui, owned by Mike Forbes and handled by Alec Coutts
  • FT Ch Howesyke Daisey, owned and handled by James Luxford
  • FT Ch Wolferton Drama, owned by HM Queen Elizabeth II and handled by Ian Openshaw
  • FT Ch Murrayeden Majestic, owned and handled by Andy Skinner
  • FT Ch Glenugie’s Tempest, owned and handled by Jamie Reid
  • FT Ch Howesyke Amey, owned and handled by James Luxford
  • Kiltonbeck Iron, owned and handled by Martyn Elliott

The Guns' Choice was FT Ch Glenugie’s Tempest, owned and handled by Jamie Reid, whilst the Peter Hall Salver was awarded to FT Ch Timsgarry Alpine, owned and handled by John Robertson.

The Any Variety Spaniel (except Spaniel [Cocker]) Championship

2020/21 championship

20-22 January 2021
Snilesworth, Northallerton, North Yorkshire – kind permission of Mr N Williams
Judges: Mr J Cook, Mr A Cunningham, Mrs W Openshaw, Mr R Claydon
Reserve - Mr Waddell

2019/20 championship

The 2020 Any Variety Spaniel [excluding Spaniel (Cocker)] Championship was held at Blenheim Palace on 15-17 January 2020 by gracious permission of the Duke of Marlborough.

The palace was an outstanding venue for this prestigious Championship and Headkeeper Lee Walker and his team had worked incredibly hard to ensure the ground was perfect for the dogs and handlers to show off their skills.

The judges Peter Avery, Martin Ford, Chris Thurston-Woolnough and Mick Walsh worked tirelessly to distinguish between the competing Spaniels and some truly outstanding dog work was witnessed over the three days.

Thanks must go to all involved in the championship, in particular The Kennel Club's working party who have worked for months to assist in the organisation of all aspects of the event, and as ever our generous sponsors Skinner’s Field & Trial and BASC for their support.

Results 2020

The results are as follows:

  • 1st - Mr I Openshaw’s FTCh Mountvue Heidi, handled by Mr S Dixon
    (Also gun’s choice, best bitch and best hunting Spaniel)
  • 2nd - Mr R Wilson’s INT FTCh Meadowbeat Neala of Greenbrush
    (Also best newcomer handler)
  • 3rd - Mr D Horseman’s Cornermarsh Charisma
  • 4th - Mrs T Siwek’s FTCh Surefly Sassy

Diploma of Merit to:

  • FTCh Hagghouse Warrior - Andy Cunningham
  • FTCh Broomfield Anna - Eddie Scott
  • FTCh Bucklawren Krusoe - Simon Jones
  • FTCh Murrayeden Brandi - Andy Skinner
  • Spirocon Annie of Jenoren - Jim Adamson
  • FTCh Helmsway Harrington - Ian English
  • INT FTCh Luthmhor Draco - Steve Blackwell (Also Best Dog)
  • Cornermarsh High Scar Girl - David Horsman
  • FTCh Bucklawren Luna of Stockingford - Maurice Stanbury
  • Kansas Kate - Sarah Higgins
  • FTCh Fuselea Delight - Ian Clark
  • INT FTCh Gardenrath Cheyenne - Ed McCauley
  • Cowarnecourt Keisha - Angelo Curto
  • FTCh Gorsebay Snipe - Craig Lewis
  • FTCh Willowsaul Whizz - Kev Richardson
  • FTCh Syncerus Solo of Creccamarsh - Richard Biggs
  • FTCh Hillfighter Alps - Jon Bailey
  • FTCh Hiluxdream Clipper of Cheweky - Mark Whitehouse
  • FTCh Dawsonlee Jellybean - Simon Dixon
  • FTCh Walkers Winkle - Aubrey Ladyman
  • Delflush Dice - Martin Bell

Congratulations to all those in the awards.

Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship

2020/21 championship

9 -10 November 2021
Westerdale, North Yorkshire – kind permission of Mr D Ross
Judges: Mick Canham & Suzi Burton
Reserve – Miss J Hurley

2020/21 championship

The 18th Hunt, Point & Retrieve (HPR) Championship was held on 13 and 14 November 2019 at Swinton Park Estate, Masham, Yorkshire by the gracious permission of Lord Masham.

This spectacular Estate’s extensive natural moorland landscape and varied topography provides a natural habitat for various species of gamebirds which makes for excellent hunting ground for these wide ranging dogs.

The judges for the championship were Mr Peter O’Driscoll and Mr J Naylor.

The championship is kindly sponsored by Skinner’s Field & Trial.

Schedule 2021
Results 2019

The results of The Kennel Club's HPR Championship are as follows:

  • 1st – Mr D Elliot, FTCh Aytee Jumbo Jet of Islasbraw, German Shorthaired Pointer dog
  • 2nd – Ms L Holmes, Ladyhawke Perdita, German Shorthaired Pointer bitch.
  • 3rd – Mr G Saint, Merle Haggard, German Wirehaired Pointer dog.
  • 4th – Mr S R C Major, Jaguar Du Domaine Saint Hubert at Bryantscroft, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla dog

The Diploma of Merit was awarded to:

  • Quintana Hollie Berry, German Shorthaired Pointer bitch, owned and handled by Mr P M Nixon
  • DUAL Ch Jaudas Heartbeat, Large Munsterlander, owned by Mr T & Mrs L O’Connell, handled by Mr S R C Major

Pointer and Setter Champion Stake

2020 championship

The 2020 Pointer and Setter Champion Stake was due to take place at Byrecleugh Estate, by gracious permission of the Duke of Roxburghe on 10-11 August 2020. However the event has been cancelled due to Covid-19. The Pointer and Setter Champion Stake was being organised by the Scottish Field Trials Association and judged by Mr. N Smith, Mr. C Forde, Mr. J Kean.

2019 championship

The 2019 Pointer and Setter Champion Stake took place at Bollihope Estate, County Durham on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 July 2019. The Pointer and Setter Champion Stake was organised by International Gundog League and won by Mr T Harris and Ms M Jacques’ FTCh Koram Jemma Sparkfield.

The judges were: Mr A W Young (1790), Mr T D O Hall (2272) and Mr S Lound (2522).

Results 2019
  • 1st: Mr T Harris and Ms M Jacques FTCh Koram Jemma Sparkfield
  • 2nd: Mr J Naylor FTCh Goddrib Bari Of Bitternboom
  • 3rd: Miss N Harris Clitters Teca
  • 4th: Mr G Devine FTCh Gortinreagh Faith (IKC)

Diplomas of Merit:

  • Mr M Adams FTCh Ballydavid Spitfire (IKC)
  • Miss C E Calvert FTCh Gortinreach Gala (IKC)
  • Mr B Connolly Sheantullagh Djouse (IKC)

IGL Retriever Championship

2020 championship

The 2020 championship was due to be held at Ampton, Suffolk by very kind permission of Peter & Charlie Rushbrook.

2019 championship

The 2019 championship was held 25-27 November 2019 at Glenalmond Estate, Perthshire by kind permission of Mr H R Astrup.

Find out more about the IGL Retriever Championship.

2019 results

The results of the International Gundog League Retriever Championship are as follows:

  • IGL Retriever Champion 2019 - Mr Declan Boyle’s Int FTCh Miller McDuff
  • 2nd - Ms Wendy Glue’s FTCh Tanyrhallt Blue Bloods handled by Jamie Bettinson
  • 3rd - Matty Lambdon’s IR FTCh Tamrose Aragon
  • 4th - Mike Jones’s Ffynongain Buzzard of Wauniago

Diplomas of Merit:

  • Nathan Laffy’s Think Twice Zero to Hero (and guns’ choice)
  • Lee Hartis’s FTCh Troddenmills Full Throttle of Leacaz
  • Lady C Carter’s FTCh Asterix Aguzannis of Chatsworth handled by John Halsted
  • Louie Robertson’s Mitforton Onour
  • Mark Demaine’s Burrendale Fergie of Caytonfell
  • David Field’s FTCh Artistryn Ulrich