The Kennel Club field trial championships

There are five field trial championships each year: the Cocker Spaniel Championship, the Any Variety Spaniel (excluding Spaniel [Cocker]) Championship, the Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship, the IGL Retriever Championship and the Pointer and Setter Champion Stake. Thank you to Skinner's Field & Trial who sponsor the Cocker Spaniel, the AV Spaniel (ex Cocker), the HPR championships and the IGL Retriever Championships.

Information on this season’s events and results for previous championships is below. Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic all championships for the 20/21 season were cancelled.

Cocker Spaniel Championship

2021/22 championship

The 91st Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel championship was held on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 January 2022. Windsor Great Park by gracious permission of Her Majesty The Queen.The judges were: Mr S Bates, Mr C Colclough, Mr A Cunningham and Mr G Veasey. 38 runners and plenty of spectators made for a very busy few days, but the wonderful ground of ancient woodland and bracken beds was well suited to the little spaniels and their handlers.

The awards presentation was graciously attended by His Royal Highness, Prince Edward The Earl of Wessex, much to the enjoyment of all handers, spectators and officials alike. Her Majesty The Queen was presented with a Kennel Club commissioned portrait of her two Field Trial Champion cocker spaniels as thanks for once again hosting the Cocker Spaniel Championship. It was a very fitting winner with Her Majesty’s owned and bred cocker spaniel winning the event, making this her first Championship win.

Schedule 2022
Results 2022
  • 1st – HM The Queen’s FTCh Wolferton Drama, handled by Mr I Openshaw
  • 2nd – Ms J Righton’s Craiwarn Tinkers Stella of Costapakit
  • 3rd – Mr N Partis’ FTCh Tiptopjack Firebug, handled by Mr I Openshaw
  • 4th – Mr I Openshaw’s FTCh Mallowdale Shine
Diploma of Merit to:
  • Ms F Ardley’s Rowston Sublime of Tarncrag
  • Mr P Avery’s Deepfleet Junia (also Gun’s Choice)
  • Mr D Lee’s FTCh Kenaiteen Sagitta, handled by Mr W Clulee
  • Mr T Phillips’ FTCh Lowallin Lorcan
  • Mr D Templar’s FTCh Mallowdale Foden of Countryways
  • Mrs K Varty’s FTC Delphaven Enya, handled by Mr W Clulee
  • Ms L Whitley’s Jandenmoss Ash of Mullenscote
  • Mr S Winspear’s FTCh Kiltonbeck Arrow

The Any Variety Spaniel (except Spaniel [Cocker]) Championship

The 91st Kennel Club AV Spaniel [excluding Spaniel (Cocker)] Championship was held on 20, 21, and 22 January 2022 at Snilesworth Estate, North Yorkshire by kind permission of Mr N Williams. The judges for the competition were Mr R Claydon, Mr J Cook, Mr A Cunningham, and Mr M Smee who did a fantastic job of distinguishing between the dogs over the course of the three days.

56 dogs started the competition, working the ground of broken heather, white grassland, and fallen bracken which nicely held the mixed game of pheasants, partridge, woodcock, and rabbit. The dogs worked hard for their finds and retrieves, all having equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills. 

Schedule 2022
Results 2022

The results are as follows:

  • 1st - Rytex Rizzle, owned by Ms A Hayes and handled by Mr I Openshaw. Also awarded best bitch and best hunting dog
  • 2nd - FTCh Whiznic Westlyn of Moonreed, owned and handled by Mr M Light
  • 3rd - FTCh Rytex Rapeds - owned by Mr S Dixon, handled by Mr I Openshaw
  • 4th and best newcomer - Helmsway Hot Babe, owned and handled Mr J Wardrope

Diploma of Merit to:

  • Mulraven Mismark, owned and handled Mr S Mcguire
  • FTCh Dawsonlee Maddy, owned by Mr S Dixon, handled by Mr I Clarke
  • FTCh Carnival Willow, owned and handled Phil Smith
  • Missymog Bunny, owned and handled Mr S Burman
  • Eborakon Anna, owned and handled Mr J Dransfield
  • FTCh Surefly Sassy, owned and handled Miss T Siwek
  • FTCh Dawsonlee Karissma, owned by MR S Dixon, handled by Mr I Clarke
  • FTCh Cornermarsh Gayle Ing Girl, owned and handled Mr P Barker
  • FTCh Sliabh Lola of Crispico, owned by Mr and Mrs Mackender, handled by Mr C Colclough
  • Churchview Cortinio, owned and handled Mr J Bailey, also Best Dog, awarded the Thomas Gaunt Trophy
  • FTCh Gorsebay Snipe, owned and handled by Mr C Lewis
  • Bishwell Barrett of Commonshall, owned and handled Mr R Gorman
  • FTCh Chinachgook Minding, owned and handled Mr I Clarke, also Gun’s Choice, awarded the John Lukies memorial trophy and BASC game bag
  • Penwills Pinot, owned and handled Mr I Openshaw
  • FTCh Dawsonlee Jellybean, owned by Mr S Dixon, handled by Mr I Openshaw
  • FTCh Belvden Trott, owned by Mr and Mrs Mackender, handled by Mr C Colclough

Congratulations to all those in the awards.


Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship

The 20th Hunt, Point & Retrieve (HPR) Championship will be held on 10 and 11 November 2022 at Ampton Estate, Suffolk by kind permission of the Turner Family, Mr P Rushbrook and Mr A Hammond.

The judges for the championship are Mr R Gould and Mrs M Nixon.
The championship is kindly sponsored by Skinner’s Field & Trial.

Schedule 2022
Results 2021
The results of the 2021 championship was as follows
  • Championship Winner – Mr S R C Major with Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla; Jaguar Du Domaine Saint Hubert at Bryantscroft
  • 4th Place – Mr C Grewcock with German Wirehaired Pointer; Eleppas New Moon
  • Diploma of Merit – Mrs M Nixon with German Shorthaired Pointer; Quintana Quixotic
  • Gun’s Choice – Mr P Howard with German Wirehaired Pointer; Tickencote a Night Like This

Pointer and Setter Champion Stake

2022 championship

We will provide further details on the he Pointer and Setter Champion Stake for 2022 shortly.

IGL Retriever Championship

2020 championship

The 2020 championship was due to be held at Ampton, Suffolk by very kind permission of Peter & Charlie Rushbrook.

Find out more about the IGL Retriever Championship.