Supporting scientific research

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The International Canine Health Awards

The International Canine Health Awards, an initiative administered by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust and underwritten by a major gift from Vernon and Shirley Hill, founders of Metro Bank, recognise innovative researchers and veterinary scientists whose work has had a positive impact on the health and well-being of dogs. Each year, the International Canine Health Awards donate around £70,000 to scientific research to help improve the health of dogs.

The Kennel Club's own research

To help improve our knowledge and awareness of health issues in the dogs that we register, The Kennel Club have carried out a number of extensive research projects.

Find out more about our health research, which includes:
  • The 2004 purebred dog health survey
  • The 2014 pedigree breed health survey
  • Effective population sizes

Helping researchers get participants

The Kennel Club regularly assists veterinary researchers in promoting current studies by emailing breed health co-ordinators, veterinary contacts and owners of relevant breeds, as well as promoting the studies on social media. In 2018, The Kennel Club emailed around 330,000 dog owners and breeders to promote 66 different independent health surveys, research projects and health clinics.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust

In the past five years The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has awarded almost £2.5 million in grants, split as follows: 

  • 62% Science & research
  • 20% Rescue & welfare
  • 11% Support
  • 7% Other, including education

The Kennel Club health team currently works closely with the following research groups: