Breed health and conservation plans (BHCPs)

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What is a breed health and conservation plan?

This is a project run by The Kennel Club that gathers all available health information and data about each specific breed and compiles it into a single document. This document is developed with the breed clubs and is used as a basis to collaboratively create a strategy to tackle the health priorities of that particular breed.

What is the aim of the BHCPs project?

The breed health and conservation plans ensure that all health concerns are identified using evidence. The plans provide breeders with useful information and resources to support them in making balanced breeding decisions that make health a priority.

What sort of subjects do the BHCPs cover?

The breed health and conservation plans take a complete view of breed health and include information about:

  • known inherited conditions
  • complex conditions (i.e. those involving many genes and environmental effects such as nutrition or exercise levels, e.g. hip dysplasia)
  • conformational concerns
  • population genetics

What information is used to create a BHCP?

Sources of evidence and data being used include:

This information is brought together to indicate the most significant health conditions in each breed, in terms of prevalence and impact.

Are the BHCPs a collaborative project?

The project involves collaboration across a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Breed health co-ordinators are central to the identification and prioritisation of health concerns, but we will also draw on the knowledge and experience of breeders within the breed club communities and the veterinary and research community.

What information is provided in the BHCPs?

At the end of the first stage of each breed’s BHCP, a document that sets out all of the available health evidence is presented to the breed clubs. The second stage involves discussions between the breed clubs and The Kennel Club to decide on the breeds' main health concerns. The third stage of the project provides clear advice to breeders and breed clubs as to how the health of the breed can be improved.

BHCP stages

Stage 1: Identify

Health concerns are identified by collating and summarising data from a range of scientific resources.

Stage 2: Prioritise

Findings from stage 1 are used collaboratively to provide clear indications of the most significant health conditions in each breed, in terms of prevalence and impact.

Stage 3: Advise

Conclusions drawn collaboratively from stage 2 are used to produce guidance to both breeders and breed clubs on how to improve breed health.

Stage 4: Develop

The findings from all BHCPs are used to identify where additional research or breeding resources are required across breeds, and where further funding is needed.

How do the BHCPs prioritise health concerns?

A spectrum of evidence-based measures are taken into consideration, recognising the impact of individual health concerns on welfare, and maximum benefit for positive change to a breed. The bespoke nature of the breed-specific health plans will include monitoring and review, so that we can ensure ongoing health needs are accommodated and reflect progress and achievements.

Which breeds will have a BHCP?

All Kennel Club registered breeds have a BHCP in place. We are in the process of uploading the BHCP priorities and actions to each breed, which you can find on your Breed’s A-Z page, or you can contact us directly via email at Health (The Kennel Club) to receive the full copy.