International Agility Festival

The International Agility Festival (IAF), sponsored by Skinner's Field & Trial will take place on the 11-14 August 2022 at Rutland Showground, Burley Park Way, Oakham, LE15 6US.

What is the festival?

The festival is open to any dog, as long as it is registered on one of The Kennel Club's registers - the Breed Register or the Activity Register - making it one of the few world-class agility competitions to be open to pedigrees, rescue dogs and crossbreeds alike. 

The festival always includes graded classes for all height categories and all grades of agility dog and handler, so that everyone gets a chance to compete at their own level at the UK's largest agility show. 


How to enter the festival
Entries are open through First Place Processing. The entry deadline date is Thursday 9 June 2022.
Results from the festival

Read the results from the event - for desktop users and for mobile users.

Team qualifier information

International Agility Festival Team Agility Competition (Special) 2022

All events must be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club regulations H & H (1) in force at the time of the event. Competitors entering any competition will be deemed to have agreed to abide by these regulations.

These competitions will be scheduled as a Special combined class for grades 1 to 7 with a separate qualifying competition for each height category.

There will be up to 8 separate heats for large, intermediate, medium and small height dogs at Kennel Club licensed shows throughout the country.


This event is open to teams from Kennel Club Registered and Listed Status clubs which, at the time of entry to the qualifying heat, have indicated in their Kennel Club registration details that they have an interest in agility or are an Agility Listed Status Club. Each team entry will consist of 4 dogs from the same height category, with 4 different handlers, plus up to 2 reserves. Only dogs entered in the team or as reserves at the qualifying event will be permitted to compete for that team in the final should a change of dog be necessary. Only handlers that competed at the qualifying event or those listed as reserves will be permitted to compete for that team in the final should a handler be unable to compete. All team members must be members of the club at the time of qualifying for the International Agility Festival Team Final. Dogs do not have to be entered into any other class at a qualifying heat and a team entry will constitute acceptance of the Organising Club and Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.

Clubs may only qualify one team in each height category for the final at the International Agility Festival on Friday 12 August 2022.

Once a handler or dog has run for a Kennel Club Registered / Listed Status Club in the International Agility Festival Team Agility qualifying event they cannot run for another Kennel Club Registered / Listed Status Club in a qualifying event at the same height category during the qualifying year. (Handlers or dogs entered as reserves may run or be entered as reserves for a different team, provided they did not run in the original team’s heat).

Competition Rules

The competition will be held under Kennel Club rules and regulations for Agility and any handler entering the competition will be deemed to abide by these rules and regulations. Jumps will be set at the standard height for each height of dog.

This is normally a team relay event involving a baton change between each dogs run. However due to Covid-19 there will be no baton changeover, and the event will be run as 4 individually scored runs following each other. The times and faults of each dogs run will be added together to produce a team score.

An elimination will incur a penalty of one hundred faults.
The total time of the team of four dogs must be recorded for marking purposes irrespective of the number of faults or eliminations that a team incur.

If any of the team members fail to complete the course or any of the team dogs fouls the ring the whole team will be disqualified.
Please note that some areas of marking for the International Agility Festival Team event differ from standard marking due to the fact that it is a relay class with cumulative marking and time.


The winners of each heat will be invited to the International Agility Festival final 2022 to compete in the small, medium, intermediate or large height finals. In the event that the winning team or club in a heat has already qualified for the final then the highest placed unqualified team in that heat will be invited to the final at the International Agility Festival.

If a team does not take up the invitation to compete in the final the invitation will be rolled down to the next applicable team from the relevant heat.


Note to show societies: The Show Secretary should record the top five placed teams and send the results to the Working Dog Activities Team at the Kennel Club within 14 days of the show by email. These results should include the name of the team, name of the Registered / Listed Status club the team represents, team captain’s name and address and the handlers, dogs and reserves in the team.

Team qualifier heats
Team qualifier heat results
See the team qualifier heat results for the International Agility Festival 2022:
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