Booking and event information

Kennel Club building
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We look forward to welcoming you to The Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh, whether it is your first visit or you're a returning client. For key information about booking the space, please read on.

What do I need to make a booking?

How much are fees? When will I need to pay?

Price list

Venue Mid-week rate

Weekend rate

East Hall (incl. large kitchen, meeting room B and north outside area) £430 + VAT = £516

£860 + VAT = £1032

West Hall (incl. kitchen and south outside areas) £323 + VAT = £388

£644 + VAT = £773

Half of the East Hall (incl. one north outside ring, shared use of large kitchen and meeting room) £322 + VAT = £387

£430 + VAT = £516

Half of the West Hall (incl. one south outside ring and shared use of mini kitchen)

£322 + VAT = £387

£322 + VAT = £387
1 meeting room £80 + VAT = £96

£80 + VAT = £96

Both meeting rooms (can be opened into one large room) £160 + VAT = £192 £160 + VAT = £192

VAT is charged at the current rate of 20%.

Bank holidays are charged at a weekend rate.

Please note kitchen and health room facilities are shared with half hall bookings.

Are there any extra fees?

No. The hire costs include full use of all the facilities and equipment available at the building. The only exceptions to this are if you require any additional services, such as additional set up time outside our complimentary two hours, charged at a rate of £30 per hour (inclusive of VAT).

When will I need to pay?

You will be invoice seven months prior to your event with payment due within 30 days.

What paperwork is required?

Once you have confirmed your event booking with the office, you will need to sign a booking confirmation form, which forms your contract.

We will also require a facilities requirements form to be completed no later than 21 days prior to your event. Please do not complete the facilities requirements form if you have not had your booking confirmed with the office.

If providing catering, please complete the catering requirements form, including a copy of the relevant food hygiene certificate(s) dated within the last three years.

We will also require a copy of your insurance company and risk assessment.

Facilities requirements form

This needs to be completed and returned to the office at least three weeks prior to your event, so that we can co-ordinate your requirements effectively. If the form is not returned in sufficient time, there may be difficulties in meeting all of your requirements, such as arranging for the grass rings to be cut to a sufficient length.

For health and safety reasons, the caretaker will only permit access to those named on this form. To avoid any problems, please ensure you include all the people who are authorised to access the building. We recommend you include as many names of the organising committee as possible.

Please complete the facilities requirements form.

Catering form (daytime)

Clients have the freedom of sourcing their own caterer for daytime events, or even supplying it themselves, therefore it is very important that we receive the required paperwork at least three weeks prior to the event. We require the catering information form to be completed in full and a level 2 food hygiene certificate to be provided as a minimum. This should be sent to the office, along with the form, but also be available for inspection on the day.

Please complete the facilities requirements form.

Please note, as of 2014, all caterers, including small-scale caterers and volunteers, must comply with the Food Standards Authority regulations on food labelling.

Facilities - frequently asked questions

How much outside space is available?

There are two grassed areas available at the building, both containing two rings each. When hiring one hall, you are entitled to use one outside area (two rings).

How many dogs can each hall accommodate?

Based on a breed show, the East Hall can accommodate approximately 550 dogs whilst the West Hall holds approximately 500. This will however vary with the breed and layout of a show.

Is the building accessible for disabled people?

Yes, the building is fully wheelchair friendly with accessible toilets in both halls and the reception area. There is also a portable hearing induction loop for the meeting rooms.

Is there Wi-Fi in the building?

Yes. The caretaker will provide you with the access code.

Is there storage at the building?

Unfortunately there is no storage on site available for clients.

Are there cash machines on site?

Unfortunately we do not offer this facility.

What catering is there?

Clients have the freedom of sourcing their own caterer for daytime events, or even supplying it themselves. For evening events, the on-site caterer Farmers Fayre can be used.

Please note, as of 2014, all caterers, including small-scale caterers and volunteers, must comply with the Food Standards Authority regulations on food labelling.

More information about kitchen equipment

Is the kitchen equipment provided?

Yes. However we do not supply deep fat fryers.

Can we bring our own deep fat fryer?

You are permitted to use a deep fat fryer in the both the East Hall and West Hall kitchens only.

Are there tea and coffee facilities in the meeting rooms?

Yes. Both meeting rooms have access to basic kitchen facilities including hot water and a sink. It is however not permitted for kettles/coffee machines to be used on site and hot liquid should be carried in the flasks provided. This is to comply with health and safety regulations.

Can we sell alcohol?

The Kennel Club Building does not have a licence to sell alcohol. It may only be sold if the caterers you use is licensed to do so.

Parking information

Where can we park?

There are free designated carparks on site which should be used by all visitors to The Kennel Club Building. You will be advised which carpark to use.

Can we drop off before parking?

There is no drop-off facility available at The Kennel Club Building. The only exceptions to this are committee members or trade stands dropping off equipment for the show (not dogs/cages); as well as the drop-off of disabled passengers only.

Are there disabled parking facilities?

Yes. There is disabled parking close to the building available for disabled drivers. The blue badge must be available for inspection and belong to the driver of the car.

Do I have to provide parking marshals?

Yes. It is the clients’ responsibility and a contractual obligation to provide parking marshals for at least two hours. This prevents drop off and ensures disabled parking is used by valid blue badge holders only. Training will be provided by the caretaker on the day if you provide your own marshals or you are welcome to use an external company to provide this service. You are required to have marshals to check for any dogs left in vehicles as this is prohibited on the premises. It is the organiser’s responsibility that this duty is carried out throughout the day.

What accommodation is nearby?

There are many canine-friendly accommodation options available locally, including:

Is there a vet close by?

There are several local vets, however none of them are on site. We strongly recommend you find out the details of a local vet prior to your event.

Prior to an event

How long do I have to set up prior to my event?

We offer a complimentary two-hour set-up period. On a Friday, this is between 5-7pm, unless there is another event in the building. In this instance, and on other days, set up is 7-9pm. We will endeavour to give you the times requested wherever possible. We will advise of any restrictions on your set-up times as soon as we are able to.

Can I visit the building before making a booking?

Yes. We would be delighted to welcome you for a guided tour by prior appointment. Please contact the office to arrange a visit.

What is the duration of the hire?

A day's hire allows you access to the building from 7am until 5.30pm weekdays, and from 7am to 6pm on weekends. This includes time to set up and pack away. Evening hire is from 6-11pm. Any variation on this is to be negotiated with the office with as much advance notice as possible, and the final decision is at the discretion of the office, subject to availability.

Can deliveries be made to the building?

Yes, but only by prior arrangement. Royal Canin regularly delivers between 3-5pm on a Friday. Anything outside your access times may be chargeable as the building is not manned at all times.

Can I bring my own electrical equipment?

All electrical equipment must be compliant with the portable appliance testing legal requirements and needs to have been tested before being used in the building.

How do I organise benching for my event?

You need to arrange this with your chosen benching company and then inform the office. It should be completed within your allotted set-up or access times, otherwise the organising club will be subject to additional set-up fees.

Health and safety information

Do I need insurance?

Yes. All events are contractually obliged to carry public liability insurance at a minimum of £2.5 million. We can provide specialist insurance. Please visit Hiscox for further information.

Do I need to complete risk assessments for my event?

Yes. Each event is different and this is the organiser’s responsibility. There is a helpful template available for additional guidance.

Information for the day of your event

In case of an emergency

What should we do in an emergency?

  • Raise the alarm
  • Evacuate the building to the stated meeting points at the north and south of the building
  • Phone 999 – the address is The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ
  • Call the caretaker
  • Do not re-enter the building until you are told to do so

What if there is an accident at my event?

All accidents and near misses should be reported to the Caretaker on the day of the event.

Where is the closest A & E?

Warwick Hospital – Lakin Road, CV34 5BW.

Is there a vet close by?

There are several local vets however none of them are on site. We strongly recommend you find out the details of a local vet prior to your event.

Information on access

How do I gain access to the Stoneleigh Park site?

Inform the security office at the main entrance to Stoneleigh Park that you are there to use The Kennel Club Building and they will grant access.

How do I gain access to The Kennel Club Building?

The caretaker will meet you at the building at the pre-agreed time (as stated in the facilities requirements form) to allow you access.

Who will have access to the building?

For health and safety reasons only the people named on the facilities requirements form will be granted access by the caretaker prior to your event opening to exhibitors.

When do we set up for our event?

You are required to set up for your own event and this should be done within the requested access times. We offer a two-hour complimentary setup slot the day prior to your event, for hall bookings only (subject to availability). Please note that afternoon setup will only be offered if the building is available. Should there be a booking, set up will be between 7-9pm. Any set up that overruns will be charged at an hourly rate of £30. All setup slots must be confirmed with the office beforehand.

What will happen when we arrive?

The caretaker will meet you at the building to give you access and complete the following steps:

  • verify the areas hired
  • show you the toilets and emergency exits
  • explain the emergency evacuation procedure
  • show you how to adjust the lighting / heating as required
  • show you the store room and explain your allotted furniture - do not use more than this, as other clients may be using them also
  • show you the cleaning cupboard, kitchen and any supplies
  • show you how to use the PA and IT equipment as required
  • explain the arrangements for parking and parking marshals - these must be adhered to at all times
Can I display promotional information?

Pin boards are provided in each hall to display certificates, licences and any other information relating to your event. Strictly no tape, tacks or pins are to be used anywhere in the building, please use the velcro stickers provided. When hiring part of a hall, please only use the pin board within your hired area.

What happens when our event is finished?

Once your event has finished, you are required to pack away and return all furniture to the store cupboard in the same state and condition as you found it. You are also asked to bag up rubbish and leave it in one designated area. This should be carried out within the permitted access times, as there may be another client waiting to use the building after you.