The Kennel Club Building - facilities requirements form

Important information - please read before submitting
  • It is important that this form is read together with the terms and conditions of hire
  • Please submit this form no later than 21 days before your event. If your form is submitted late, you may be charged an admin fee and it may not be possible to provide some of your requests (e.g. car park marshals and grass cutting)
  • The caretaker will arrive to open up The Kennel Club Building at the access time stated on this form
Please remember:
  • You are responsible for setting out and arranging furniture and equipment
  • You are responsible for returning the furniture and equipment to the store room after the event
  • If you finish earlier than stated you must telephone the caretaker, who will check you out of the Building
  • You are responsible for arranging a minimum of two car park marshals for your event
  • You are responsible for organising caterers for your event
  • You are responsible for checking parking areas for dog waste at the end of each event

Contact and Event details

Please note that if you cannot meet the above access time you are required to telephone the Caretaker and let him know. An admin fee maybe charged if the caretaker is not informed.

If Yes, set up on Friday is between 5pm and 7pm or earlier by prior agreement. If set up is Saturday, access will be allowed after the previous client has vacated and the Building has been cleaned.


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