The Kennel Club IVDD scheme for Dachshunds (All varieties)


Register for The Kennel Club IVDD scheme for Dachshunds (All varieties) in partnership with Dachshund Health UK. The IVDD scheme assesses all varieties of Dachshunds for spine calcifications and gives guidance to breeders on how to reduce the risk of producing puppies affected by intervertebral disc disease. Register here after making an appointment with one of our participating centres for your dog to be X-rayed as part of scheme. To register, you will need to pay the £20 scheme registration fee and complete the additional information form which will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

What's included

  • This £20 registration fee will be used towards the grading of your dog’s X-ray and the administration of your submission
  • Your dog will need to be X-rayed at a participating centre under the schemes protocol. The participating centre will then submit the radiograph to an expert panel of scrutineers for grading. Once the radiograph has been graded, the result will be returned to you via an email from The Kennel Club. The results will include details of the total number of calcifications and their location on the spine if applicable. You will also receive support and guidance on breeding decisions
  • X-ray costs are charged by the participating centre and not included with registration. Please contact your participating centre for more information about appointments and costs. To reward early adopters, The Kennel Club and Dachshund Health UK are offering subsidies for a limited period
  • Learn more about the IVDD scheme


  • An additional information request will be emailed to you within 24 hours (Monday - Friday). This needs to be completed prior to your radiograph appointment