The Kennel Club announces YKC Agility Team GB 2023

The Kennel Club has announced the team members who will represent Young Kennel Club (YKC) Agility Team GB at the Junior Open Agility World Championships, which will be held in the UK for the first time, at Dallas Burston Polo Club, Southam from 13 - 16 July.

The successful handlers and dogs were chosen following two try-out events, which concluded at Dog Sports Derby, on 26 March.

The Kennel Club congratulates all the handlers who have been selected to represent YKC Agility Team GB this year. In addition to being sponsored by The Kennel Club, the team is also kindly supported by Natural Instinct, Galican and Dog Sports Derby.

This year there were opportunities for win-on places for the Junior Open Agility World Championships, with successful young handlers and dogs being selected through a statistics-driven process. Two selection days were held at Dog Sports Derby, which consisted of both agility and jumping courses, with the squad competing alongside the senior Agility Team GB. Handlers had the opportunities to progress from the pre-selection qualifier to the Junior Try-Out weekend. Those winning the coveted spots were:


  • Chloe Cooper with Kehala Sweet Harmony (Hettie) 
  • Isabella Cox with Ag Ch Maximum Reds (Rio)
  • Isabella Twigg with Roo Star of Ainmhithe (Roo) 
  • Max Glover with Soldaze One Summer Dream (Pink)
  • Max Glover with Neuadd Lwyd Beat at Soldaze (Beat)
  • Morgan Looker with Rocking Rolo (Rolly)
  • Nia Rose with Todalens Rhymney AW(G) (Farlie) 
  • Olivia White with Isilme Mocha Monkey (Mocha) 
  • Rebecca Chuter Smith with LookyLooky Just Do It (Nike) 
  • Sophie Atkinson with Fenland Mad Star (Maddie) 
  • Sophie Atkinson with Isilme Pina Colada (Skye) 
  • Yvie Thompson with Castomya Epic Enchant Mint (Epic)


  • Demi Wright with Magilitas Rythms Gona Get Ya (Rhythm)
  • Grace Watts with Only Wish Hard Enough AW(S) (Orry)
  • Isabella Cox with Fandabidozi Star Light (Dust)
  • Isabella Taylor with Tarnock Forever Fancy (Twiglet)
  • Isabella Twigg with Dreamarkis Impulse Find (Imp)
  • Mia Steedman Lorramia English Rose (Rosie)
  • William Hinz Twix Classical Mix (Twix)
  • Yvie Thompson with Solar Kozmic Storm (Kozmo)


  • Alyna Arnold with Willow Wonkas Golden Ticket (Willow)
  • Amelie Selby-Bird with Folkvang Bantham Beach (Dex)
  • Amy Langman with Done And Busted (Buster)
  • Elli Margolius with Jennifer’s Lady Of Duende (Lacey)
  • Max Glover with Maximus Silvestris (Woody) (2022 world champions)
  • Robyn Bell with Ansabak Sintara (Aura)
  • Ruby Strutt with Klairella Enchantment (Miley)
  • Ryan Feehan with Razzle Dazzle Time To Shine (Razzle)
  • Taylor Lyon with Rohamki Taylor Made (Elliott)
  • Will Bacchus with A Message To You Rudi (Rudi)


  • Blair Hands with Twinkle star Koryfej at Licosateria (Sofi)
  • Blair Hands with Turbotoes Rapid Beat (Rapid)
  • Chloe Cooper with Aint He Sweep (Sweep)
  • Dylan Osborne with Devongem Well Jelly Baby (Jelly)
  • Evan Houldsworth Devongem Pips Dream (Pip)
  • Isabella Taylor with Javawolf Right Kind of Wrong (Hatti)
  • Mia Fairweather with Obay Thatz the Biz (Zip)
  • Sophie Atkinson with Loopy Lu The Little Rescue (Lulu)

Greg Derrett, Agility Team GB Manager said “The depth in talent has certainly grown this year in the Junior team, which is great news for British Agility. We are extremely pleased with the partnerships that have won on to, and been selected for, this year’s teams and we look to build on the success of the 2022 championship.

“This year’s selection process comprised of some very challenging courses from the Junior Open Agility World Championship 2023 judges and I would like to congratulate all the junior handlers on their performances.”

Phil Keen, Managing Director of Natural Instinct, added: “We are extremely proud to be sponsoring Agility Team GB. We have been supporters for a number of years now and to be part of the events taking place this year is really exciting. We would like to wish everyone competing the best of luck.”

Full results from the try-outs can be found here.

More information on the qualification process for 2023 can be found on The Kennel Club website.