Canine colleagues are in demand

As research reveals workers favour dog-friendly offices, The Kennel Club shares tips on how to be a ‘pawfect’ employee

As the nation’s pets prepare to head into workplaces up and down the country for Bring Your Dog to Work Day (23 June), The Kennel Club is calling on dog owners to ensure their four-legged friends are behaving as model employees.

With new research released today (21 June) by the dog welfare organisation revealing that 52 per cent of Brits would like to bring their dog into work with them, and 50 per cent would be more likely to take a job that allowed dogs in the workplace, incorporating a dog-friendly policy has clear benefits to employers who want to attract new talent.

Furthermore, positive reasons cited for bringing dogs into work included that dogs can alleviate stress in the workplace, as agreed by 70 per cent of owners, they can make the atmosphere more friendly (67 per cent) and they improve morale and job satisfaction (51 per cent).

The Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs Campaign encourages businesses, workplaces and other public places to welcome our dogs, and provides advice, tools and resources for both owners and businesses who want to be open for dogs.

However, the organisation is urging owners to be respectful of those around them and make sure they are adhering to any dog-friendly policies in place, as well as being a responsible owner, to ensure a positive work environment for both two and four-legged colleagues.

Dr Ed Hayes, spokesperson for The Kennel Club commented: “Our research shows that welcoming four-legged friends to the office has immeasurable benefits to both owners and other employees, but it is vital that owners have made all the necessary preparations to ensure their pets are ‘office-ready’.

“By factoring in their dog’s needs with exercise and regular breaks, as well as making sure their dog is happy, confident and well-trained, this will mean those around them are also happy and enjoying the company of their canine colleagues.”

To ensure the advantages of bringing a dog into the workplace is felt by owners, employers and colleagues alike, as well as fellow commuters, The Kennel Club has shared the following tips:

  • Always be mindful of those around you – some people may not want to interact with your dog (both at work and when commuting to work), so make sure you are abiding by your company’s policy and keep them away from any off-limits areas such as toilets or kitchen areas
  • Make sure you have toilet trained your puppy before bringing them in
  • Ensure your dog has had basic training, and can sit and stay if needed
  • Make time in your working day to take your dog out for regular walks and breaks
  • Bring all your dog’s essentials, especially a lead, collar, ID tag, water bowl, food/treats, toys, poo bags and a blanket or dog bed
As part of The Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs campaign which encourages businesses, workplaces and other public places to welcome our dogs, the organisation also provides advice, tools and resources for businesses who want to implement a dog-friendly policy, as well as tips for owners who want to bring their dog to work. More information can be found by visiting The Kennel Club website.