Deadline approaching for 2023 International Canine Health Awards nominations

Final call to leading veterinary professionals, scientists, students and researchers, as nominations for the world’s largest international awards in canine research, health and welfare will be closing at the end of January. The International Canine Health Awards, organised by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, and underwritten by a major gift from the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation, will be accepting applications for the 2023 awards only until 31 January for those wishing to nominate themselves or a colleague.

The awards have been running for over a decade and in 2023 the prize money available has more than doubled. Applications can be made across five award categories and one winner will be selected by an independent, international panel of eminent judges, renowned for their work in the veterinary and scientific fields.

For 2023, excellence is paramount but the judges will be particularly interested to receive applications where there is a focus on One-Health. With the awards aiming to improve the lives of dogs across the globe, the panel welcomes applications that demonstrate a commitment to advancing canine medicine in developing nations.

The five awards now open for entries are as follows:

  • International Award in Canine Health - for outstanding contributions in the field of canine health and welfare, with a prize of $100,000 towards future projects. The award will be presented to an individual currently involved in world-class innovation, but with more still to contribute.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – with a $50,000 prize, this award will go to a veterinarian or scientist who has dedicated much of their career to advancing the health and welfare of dogs. The award will be presented to an individual who has made a significant lifetime impact to benefit canine health and welfare on the world stage.
  • Two Student Inspiration Awards – these comprise Postgraduate and Undergraduate awards, with prize funds of $20,000 and $10,000 respectively, to aid further education costs, the development of their careers, or the creation/continuation of a project. The awards will be presented to extraordinary students studying at a veterinary school who demonstrate the potential to significantly advance the frontiers of veterinary medicine and research to benefit dogs. Postgraduate applicants must be within five years of receiving their first degree.
  • UK Breed Health Co-ordinator Award – with a £5,000 prize fund, judges will be looking for individuals from UK Kennel Club breed clubs or councils who have demonstrated a dedication to supporting health and welfare within their breed over the previous year. Some of the aspects that will be considered include starting or coordinating a new project or resource for the breed, such as a health website or health survey, and good communication with The Kennel Club and other key stakeholders

Dr Andrew Higgins, Chairman of the International Canine Health Awards panel and trustee of The Kennel Club Charitable Trust which runs the awards, said: “The prestigious International Canine Health awards have been fostering and supporting development in the canine research and veterinary field for over ten years now, and offers some of the largest veterinary prizes in the world. The wonderful support of the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation continues to make a monumental difference in encouraging scientific knowledge and actively promoting canine health.

“Every year we get an incredible range of nominations from veterinarians and scientists who explore diverse aspects of dog health and welfare. We are looking for applications from across the world and the judges will be looking for scientific excellence and a proven commitment to improving dog health and welfare.”

Vernon Hill, the founder of the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation, whose major gift underwrites the awards, said: “Our foundation is pleased to announce the doubling of financial support for these distinguished international awards in 2023, so continuing to improve the lives of our canine companions across the globe. This year we are delighted that the awards wish to highlight how investment in canine health research can also often benefit human health. After all, dogs help humans so much both in terms of our physical and mental well-being.

“We are always proud to hear of the impact the prize funds have in helping support and celebrate the inspiring and talented people who are committing their lives to make sure every dog lives their best life.”

Further information and nomination forms for the 2023 awards can be found on The Kennel Club Charitable Trust website. All nomination forms must be completed and submitted by 31 January 2023.

If you have any queries regarding the application process, please contact The Kennel Club via the Contact Form linked